Are you a true slytherin ?

This quiz is for harry potter lovers ..... Do you think you are a slytherin ? Are you confused about it ?? Do you want to know your real house?? Want to know from a slytherin than yes this quiz. What are you waiting for..... quiz made by a slytherin.

I am a slytherin myself and I have seen that there are many things about other houses but nothing about slytherin . So I thought if making this quiz for slytherins...... Be a proud slytherin . Btw thus is my first quiz hope yall like it

Created by: Lil_miss_awesome

  1. Would you rather
  2. Would you rather
  3. Is given a choice you would
  4. There are 2 paths leading to the same place . If u follow the first path you will reach faster but there are many dangers on the way but if you choose the second path it will take you a lot of time to reach but you won't face any danger. Whih path would you choose ?
  5. "Now , you have a chance to by whatever you want all u have to do is choose one option" says the great man of time . The 2 options are : kill your friend and enter the castle and find yourself surrounded by things you dreamt about the second option is kill yourself and let your friend get what he / she wants . If u choose he second option your soul will she blessed forever . Which option do you choose
  6. The final question ..... Are you ready..... It's 3 am and you are all alone in a dark room . Suddenly you hear a peculiar noise coming from the corner. U can't see the source but u can sense it coming towards you . You have 2 options : either draw your wand and cast a powerful spell that will make the source of sound die but you will be banned from practicing magic for 3 days if you cast this spell . The second option is to run away and find yourself surrounded by horrible creatures who are hungry and will eat you up but if you choose his option there are chances of death . Which option do you choose
  7. Now last question...... doesn't actually relate to he houses but .... Would you place your family before your ambitions or ambitions before family
  8. Did u like the quiz
  9. These are some random questions . Do you like cats ?
  10. Bye bye..... hope you liked the quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a true slytherin ?