Are you a true Doraemon fan?

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Are you a true Doraemon fan? Take this quiz to find out! I don't really have much to say but hope you enjoy the quiz! Please rate this quiz, I appreciate it!

Also this quiz has 15 questions. They will test if you're a true Doraemon fan. A score between 25% and 65% is the average result for a person who 'likes' Doraemon.

Created by: Anonymous

  1. What species is Doraemon? (super easy)
  2. Name the main 5 characters. (super easy)
  3. When is Nobita's birthday? (moderately easy)
  4. When is Shizuka's birthday? (moderately easy)
  5. When is Suneo's birthday? (moderately easy)
  6. When is Gian's birthday?
  7. When is Doraemon's birth date? (super easy)
  8. When is Dorami's birth date? (easy)
  9. Which century does Doraemon come from? (super easy)
  10. What was the first Doraemon Movie ever broadcasted? (moderately hard)
  11. How many episodes does Doraemon have? (moderately hard)
  12. From Nobita and the Chronicles of the Moon Exploration 2019, what is the name of Luca Tsukino, Luna Tsukino and Aru Tsukino's species? (normal)
  13. From Doraemon's Long Day in the 2005 anime, name all the characters in the movie. (moderately hard)
  14. Who does Nobita Nobi end up marrying? (normal)
  15. You are watching a Doraemon episode when your mom says that it is the last Doraemon episode you can ever watch. What's your reaction?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Doraemon fan?