Are you a Telford, England person?

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Many newspapers call Telford the UK’s chav capital, but this quiz begs to differ, do you agree with this quiz or the newspapers, find out with this quiz!

Telford, Shropshire, England, UK is a great town with a population of about 150 thousand people and redevelopment of the shopping centre Telford offers so much!

Created by: MinecraftDude34
  1. In the shopping centre there is the frog clock, what is it known as?
  2. Do you remember the old bus station and toilets?
  3. Do you remember the old Southwater and ice rink entrance?
  4. Do you remember the old Green Shed Focus DIY store?
  5. Do you remember the old ASDA store (now Aldi and B&M)and the ASDA petrol station?
  6. Do you also remember the Waves hand car wash was next to the old ASDA?
  7. What do you think of Telford, England?
  8. Do you like Telford, England?
  9. Do you remember the old 99p Store?
  10. Would you move to Telford, England?
  11. If you lived in Telford which part would you live in?
  12. Do you remember the Southwater cheese grater multi storey car park car fire?
  13. What do you think of the new bus station and toilets?
  14. Do you like the fountains next to the outside entrance to House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer’s?
  15. Do you remember the paddle boats on the old Southwater lake?
  16. Have you been to the Donnington Bonfire?
  17. Have you been to the new Burger King?
  18. Have you been to the McDonalds in Telford Shopping Centre?
  19. Do you remember the clock in the old bus station?
  20. Do you remember the projected clock?
  21. Have you ever been in Telford Shopping Centre (now Telford Centre) before?
  22. On October 31st 2020 Telford went into what tier of covid-19 local lockdown?
  23. How do you pronounce bath in Telford, England?
  24. What do you think of Telford’s Wetherspoons pubs?
  25. Have you been to Wellington Market in Wellington Telford, England?
  26. Have you been to Madeley in Telford?
  27. What is the name of the hospital in Telford?
  28. What does the clock in Telford Shopping Centre do?(P.S. it tells time obvs)
  29. Do you like the fountains outside the courts and the Telford logo and Thomas Telford statue?
  30. As well as Dawley, Wellington Stirchley and Randlay, what part of Telford do you live in?
  31. Do you remember the escalators in the old bus station?
  32. In 2018 Telford turned how many years old?
  33. What do you think of Silkin Walk?
  34. Do you like the Odeon cinema in Telford?
  35. Have you ever lived in Telford, England?
  36. Will you live in Telford?
  37. Do you think Telford is the UK’s chav capital?
  38. Is Telford the best town in Shropshire England UK?
  39. Is Telford, England your town of choice to move to?
  40. What do you think of Telford’s personality?Doesn’t affect score much only by one point tell me what you put in the comments or on my thread I have a quiz please.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Telford, England person?