Are you a pals fan

The pals is a famous group of youtubers and I decided to make a quiz have fun!well you better get started I will see you when you finish bye remember to like!

Members in the pals Denis,corl,Alex,sketch and sub enjoy and like pleaseeeeee have fun doing this quiz I hope you get a really good score good luck c ya

Created by: CyberknightYT
  1. do you watch the pals every single day?
  2. What is denisdailys favourite animal?
  3. Who is not in the pals?
  4. How many videos do they make every week?
  5. Who has the most subscribers in the pals
  6. Who has the least subscribers in the pals?
  7. What is Alexs favourite animal?
  8. What is sketchs favourite animal?
  9. What is corls favourite animal?

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Quiz topic: Am I a pals fan