Are you a Jedi knight or a Sith apprentice

This quiz was to see what rank of Jedi or Sith you are. The ranks were Sith Master,Jedi Master,Sith apprentice,Jedi Knight,Padawan or Youngling or A nobody.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. I like Star Wars and I write quizzes in my free time. I also hoped you answered the questions truthfully. Thanks for taking this quiz

Created by: Emma
  1. You are in battle and you lose your lightsaber but another Jedi just died. WHAT DO YOU DO
  2. You got a phone call saying that you are accepted as a Jedi. What do you do?
  3. How do you like the prequels
  4. Is this quiz boring
  5. I wish I was a ......
  6. You are hired to hunt Sideous down if you don't your masterwill kill you and Sideous. What would you do?
  7. You get a call from a Sith Lord saying your a deadman. What do you do
  8. You have a death sentence on 7 systems but you are secretly are a Jedi. What do you do
  9. Who do you root for in Star Wars
  10. Did you answer this truthfully

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jedi knight or a Sith apprentice