Are you a good person? Accurate!

There are good people. There are bad people. And there is nothing in between. So do you know which one you are? Even if you do take the quiz to be sure after all it is truely accurate.

Are you a good person? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Are you really sure? Oh,sorry about that. Still in just a couple of nano seconds you will find out the truth.

Created by: melinaa
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  1. If you saw a lost dog sign and you found the dog would you give it back?
  2. If someone dropped their money on the ground and you saw it fall out of their pocket would you give it back?
  3. If somebody left their baby on your doorstep would you keep it?
  4. If you past up a homeless man on the street and you left your money at home would you give him your lunch?
  5. If you got a check for a million dollars would you share it with your family?
  6. Has anybody ever called you selfish and they wasn't mad at you?
  7. If your friend's house burnt down would you let them stay with you?
  8. Would you give a homeless person the shoes off your feet if you had other pairs and they didn't?
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Quiz topic: Am I a good person? Accurate!