How Eco-Friendly Are You?

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Although awareness of the climate emergency has increased in recent times, there is still a lot that needs to be done to minimise the effects of man-made global warming. This quiz will tell you how eco-friendly you are provided that you answer every question honestly.

The average person would score approximately 30% on this quiz. We have less than 10 years to stop destroying our planet, leaving us no time to waste. Climate change denial and government inaction will hinder our efforts, but your interest in measuring how eco-friendly you are already sets you on the path towards 1.5 degrees Celsius average temperature increase.

Created by: Green Horizons
  1. Taking the prices before any discounts and only including clothes not made from sustainable fabrics, how much did you spend on new clothes/footwear of any kind and for any purpose in the last year? Values are in US dollars.
  2. Do you use at least one search engine that either plants trees or cleans up ocean-bound plastic with the revenue they earn?
  3. How much fuel does your car use in a year? If you share a car, select the answer matching your share of the fuel consumption.
  4. What fuel do you use for your car?
  5. What is the total distance you flew in the past year?
  6. Do you only book flights on fuel efficient aircraft, e.g, Boeing 787, A350, A320neo family, A220?
  7. What form of public transport do you usually use?
  8. How many bags of rubbish do you produce and throw out each week?
  9. How often do you recycle?
  10. How much electricity did you use in the last month?
  11. The electricity you use is generated by...
  12. How often do you buy items with packaging made from recycled materials?
  13. Approximately what percentage of your food is organic or locally grown?
  14. Approximately what percentage of food do you waste?
  15. How much makeup do you use?
  16. Check the ingredients in your sunscreen. How many of these chemicals does your sunscreen have? List: oxybenzone (AKA benzophenone-3 or BP3), octyl methoxycinnamate (AKA octinoxate or OMC), or octocrylene.
  17. How often do you flush the toilet on average? If you don’t have a dual flush toilet that works properly pick one of the full flush options.
  18. How long is an average shower for you? This is assuming you have the shower running at about half its maximum water output.
  19. Do you leave the tap running when you don’t need to, e.g. when brushing teeth?
  20. Have you ever thrown out a large quantity of items when you could’ve given them away or donated them?
  21. How often do you throw out something that could’ve been given away, donated, or reused?
  22. Do you have any children?
  23. When shopping, which is most accurate for you?
  24. How much of the stuff you buy needs long-distance shipping to get to the market or your home? If it is not locally produced then assume it needed long distance shipping.
  25. Do you encourage other people to take action to reduce the severity of climate change?
  26. How often do you use plastic cutlery, plastic cups, and plastic plates?
  27. How often do you use heating or cooling systems in your home?
  28. The lighting in your home consists of mainly...
  29. Which describes your driving habits? Only answer if you do not have an electric car.
  30. Do you generally buy food in large quantities or small quantities?
  31. Do you only buy eco-friendly brands?
  32. Which most accurately describes you?
  33. Which most accurately describes you?
  34. Which most accurately describes you?
  35. Which most accurately describes you?
  36. Which most accurately describes you?
  37. Do you turn off the lights when leaving the room for more than 20 to 30 seconds?
  38. Do you grow any of your food at home
  39. Are you trying to buy as little as possible
  40. How many tonnes of CO2e do you offset each year? Include things like Ecosia, Treeapp, and similar apps/websites.
  41. Do you buy palm oil products?
  42. Do you raise awareness about the climate emergency?
  43. Do you participate in activities that help the planet, such as litter collections, tree planting, etc.
  44. What do you do with used packaging?
  45. How much soap do you use in a year?
  46. Do you smoke?
  47. What best describes your diet?
  48. Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of bleach, etc.?
  49. Which best describes your printing habits?
  50. Do you eat beef and/or lamb?

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