Are you a demigod?

Have you ever seen things that other people haven't?If you have then you are in danger.Take this quiz to see if you are one of the demigods that are in danger.

Are YOU a demigod?Take rhis quiz to see if you are in danger.This could be the most breathtaking moment of your life if you haven't thought about it.Just do it.

Created by: Gabriela Rodriguez

  1. Do you have only 1 parent?
  2. Do you have a true love for something you like to do (love,fashion.)
  3. Do you have ADHD or dyslexia?
  4. Have you ever thought you have demigod powers?
  5. Have you read the Percy Jackson series or The Heros Of Olympus?
  6. Have you ever been expelled?
  7. Have you ever had a lot of crazy dreams that are trying to tell you something?
  8. Have you ever gotten a bunch of 100's on tests?
  9. Have you ever seen stuff that other people haven't?
  10. Do you find this test weird?

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Quiz topic: Am I a demigod?