[Quiz are u good or normal?

Do you want to be bad or goooooooooooood wellllllllll it’s ur option IDK HOW U WILL DO ON THIS TEST BUT I KNOW ONE THING THAT ALOT OF THE PEOPLE WILL BE GOOD PEOPLE

welllll this quiz is about will u be a bad person who will do bad things like violence and other nonsense criminals do or do u wanna be a good person wellllll it’s ur options

Created by: AKSHAT

  1. Ok are u naughty or good
  2. Do u think that u are proud?
  3. Do u think that ur mother is bad or good?
  4. Do u wanna be a evil person or a good person
  5. Do u wanna be a criminal or a police officer when u grow up?
  6. What is the best ting u have done
  7. Do want a fast car or a normal car?
  8. Do u wanna laugh like the evil people or normal ones?
  9. Do u respect people
  10. Did u like this quiz?

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