zombie survival test

When the day comes that zombies invade will you be prepared?Take my quiz to see if you a noob or a true survivor.Have fun :D and remember undead are people to so dont feel to bad if you score low and get turned into a zombies.

So do you have what it takes not to get ripped to frekin shreds?To not get your intestines riped out of your belly button?To NOT be one of the undead?!

Created by: Temple
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok you wake up to an empty house you go eat a muffin and watch tv every channal says emergency please stay in your homes lock your doors and windows.
You think wtf and go back and grab another muffin
you do what the tv says.
you lock your doors and windows and grab your gun and wait.
you grab some food and a wepon and leave the city
4. you see a group of 6 survivors being attacked by 18 zombies what do ou do?
distract the zombies so the people can run.
help kill the zombies and take them with you.
help kill the zombies the kill the for there stuff
completely ignore them and leave them for dead.
5. You and your group which you suddenly have, go into a abandoned safeway what do you take for drinks
energy drinks-keep me awake who needs sleep when i could um LIVE
bottled water-ill stay healthy and the dont exactly expire fast
booze 'n' beer-have a room tempature bud light you'll be party'n before you know it.
juice boxes-reminds me of when i was a kid plus very berry is my fav :D
6. same as above but food.
Im gonna take some fesh veggies cuz im a vegetarian
canned food-loud if your walking clink clink but they dont expire for a while
a ass load of twinkies-They dont expire like EVER bt ill be a fat arse
random crap-grab grab grab!
7. you and your group stumble upon a gun shop ( yay ) what gun(s) do you choose.
pistols good for medium range good acuracy
rifle take em down from 3 mile away can yu say BOOM HEAD-SHOT!
shotgun im gonna have to be able to smell there breath to hit them but 1 hit kill.
assault-rifle--say hello to my lil friend!
8. where do you live?
suburb nice quite place with alota old people and rich people and close to the city
IN the city-Im screwed -_-
rural area-yay im not screwed i can live off the land small amount of ppl :D
Canada-cold icy and nothing bad ever happens to canada
9. how long can you run?
I can run 0-5 min
I can run -5-15 min
I can run 15-30min
I can run 30 min-1hour
I can run a marathon
10. You have to choose between 4 groups of people to stay who will you let stay.
a mom and dad with a baby and a 3 year old girl.
and old couple.
3 people who know where a good safe house is but wont tell unless THEY stay
a medic with suplies a solider with guns and ammo and 2 civilians with food
11. oh no zombies broke in to your fort and these are running zombies they are about 20 feet from you and if you stay still they'll be on you in 20 seconds what do you do?
pull the pin on a gernade as the beggin to eat me-ill take em all with me!
fight em and hope you can kill em'
run through you escape route and hope no zombies are there
run to the exit opening it and running for you life.
12. you are now running for your life through a vast field in the middle of nowhere with a hoard of 1000 or so zombies about 2 miles behind you coming after you(running zombies) you have 4 gernades and assault rifle with maybe 50 bullet left a small hunting knife and a side arm pistol with unknow bullets left. What do you do?-there is no right or wrong answer-
throw all the gernades into the haord killing about 400 then shooting at the with your assault rifle killing 30 then you retardly throw the knife at them hoping fo the best then aiming the pistol at your head and pullng the trigger hoping it has ammo
shoot all you bullets at the hoard killing 100 or so then waiting for them to be right on top of you then you pull the pin on all 4 gernades killing you and almost all of them leaving 100 or so left
keep running while shooting at them then throing gernades and you keep running hoping they wont catch you.
shoot your self right away with the assult rifle
drop all your gear hoping you will run faster without it.
get on you knees pray to god then let them come and eat you alive

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