Zombie Survival Quiz

Zombies will attack eventually. In fact, they are attacking right now. Yes, the undead are roaming our land we call Earth. The dead have left their graves and are having an unlimited, all-you-can-eat buffet, and you're on the menu. What will happen?

This will test your knowledge of Zombie Survival. Will you live? Or will you have your the flesh from your skin become a meal, have your entrails become and entree, and be forced to walk the Earth as one of them? Or will it remain a mystery? Find out.

Created by: Zombiefan
1. What is your age?
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3. You wake up one morning to your radio. "ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING! HELP! OH NO IT'S ON ME ARGH NOOOOOO!" The radio says. What do you do?
Remember what happened with the broadcast of "War of the Worlds" in the 1930's, then forget about it.
Grab a weapon, run outside, and fight.
Grab a weapon, barricade the door, and get ready for the worst.
4. You live your house, with your gun ( I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GUN! YOU HAVE ONE ANYWAY!) and a few green men walk towards you.
Fire at their heads.
Scream "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lunge into them and try to rip their heads off.
5. After killing/running from those zombies you run down to the street to your local car dealership. There are 3 cars. A big SUV, a little tiny luxury sedan, and an old, horrible car that probably has rusted rust. Which do yo
The Big SUV
The Little Tiny Luxury Sedan
The Old, Horrible Car That Probably Has Rusted Rust
6. Driving along the way, you run over a zombie, and their guts come out. You feel sick to your stomach. What do you do?
Ignore it
Go to the hospital
I do not feel sick to my stomach
7. You have arrived at the hospital. What do you do.
I did not go to the hospital
Drive away, after it dawns on you their are probably zombies inside
Go inside.
8. You are inside and zombies start to chase you. What do you do?
Hey! I didn't go inside! I didn't even drive here!
Shoot them
Hey! I didn't go inside! I drove away!
9. You're now out on the street. A man is writhing in agony, and a zombie has walked away from him. What do you do?
Ignore him
Shoot him in the head, there's no hope for him.
Try to help him
10. Your car breaks down and you have to leave. Their is a band of survivors in close range. What do you do?
Run away, they may be infected
Join them
11. Turns out, they were all infected. What do you do?
Run faster
Shoot every single one of them
Try to help them
12. Night has fallen. You find a torch, and light it up. Zombies are coming. What do you do?
Try to scare them away with your fire.
Run! Run! Run!
Throw your torch at them. It's better to have poor vision and be alive then have perfect vision and be undead.
13. News reports are coming that the zombies are all defeated. Pick your form of celebration.
Being careful
Jumping for joy

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