Would you kill for it?

We've heard numerous stories about the most notorious serial killers of all time. What we fail to remember is that these people were too, once upon a time, regular citizens walking amongst you and I.

So what makes someone a potential serial killer? Start by finding out if you could be the one. If you're a little skeptical of a friend, have them take this quiz too.

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3. When a family member forgets to deliver a phone message to you
you brush it off, it's just a phone message
you get furious with them for being irresponsible but forget about it in a few minutes
you get raging mad enough, you could just strangle them
4. You begin to realize that people don't take you as seriously as they used to and so you decide
that you need to talk to a professional to strengthen your confidence
to make loud jokes constantly to be heard
that you deserve to be in power and you put people down in order to do so
5. On one of those bad days
you slap your cat around because it relieves the tension
you complain to your best friends and family about your bad day
you keep it bottled up inside until a later time when you reach breaking point
6. When you're babysitting the neighbor's kids all is ok until they decide to go on your shoe. At that point you
Tell them it's okay and get the mess cleaned up
you take drastic measures such as beating them and locking them in the bathroom for hours
you yell at them to teach them a lesson and leave the rest to the parents
7. While all your friends seem to look away in disgust during gory movie scenes, you
do the same. You could scream like a baby if you tried to peek
force yourself to watch and pretend that it doesn't bother you
you get a kick out of the bloodshed and may even chuckle a little
8. When you find yourself being chased by a sketchy car in the middle of the night you
bring out the road rage in you and turn the tables on him
stop your car, lock your doors and call the cops
take his license plate number, prank call him and hunt him down in his own home
9. When you feel betrayed by a loved one
you cry yourself to sleep every night for a week
you betray someone else to get revenge from the world
you make sure that you make his/her life a living hell forever
10. How would you describe yourself?
A loner. People are over-rated
A people person. Social environments are where you shine
Eccentric. Followers are losers; do it your own way.
11. You see the glass as
half full
half empty
worth breaking
12. How would you describe your childhood?
Bumpy road at times
Too rough, you choose to block it out
Thankfully quite peaceful

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