Who is Who in Iron Man?

There are many smart pretty people(like me) that like watching movies like iron man alot!!!What is an iron Man freak?an iron man freak is you know everything you need to know bout iron man.

Are YOU an Iron Man FREAK? Do you have what it takes to pass this test and be a true Iron Man FREAK!! And thinks to this quiz in a few minutes you will find out!!!

Created by: Charlene

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  1. Who Plays Iron Man/Tony Stark?
  2. Who helped Stark Build his Suit?
  3. Who Turns his back on Stark and ends up battaling him?
  4. Who is the hottest guy in iron man?
  5. What does S.H.A.R.P. mean?
  6. Tony is CEO in wat industrie?
  7. What was Iron Mans Original Color?
  8. Now whats Iron Mans suit color?
  9. Who does Stark end up with at the end of the movie?
  10. Is there goin to be an Iron Man2?
  11. Who is Still the Hottest one in Iron Man?

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