????Are you an iron????

Many people say that they're true metal maniacs!But are they????Most of them aren't that's why metal is tending to be extincted at all!!!Will you help me save metal?????!!!!!

Are you a metal maniac and especially an Iron maiden fan??Because the questions are all about maiden!!!!!!If you want to be an Iron master try this quiz.In just few minutes you might have great results!!Up this quiz!!!Up the irons!!!!!

Created by: SEORGE
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1. Who was Maiden's vocalist in the album killers?
Bruce Dickinson
Paul Di'anno
Blaze Bayley
James Hetfield
2. Which musical instrument does Steve Harris play?
3. Who was Iron Maiden's first vocalist?
Paul Di'anno
Ozzy Osbourne
Bruce Dickinson
Dave Murray
4. Which year was Fear of the dark released?
5. Where are the words whispered before the Number of the beast beginning taken from?
From a book
From a movie
From the revelations
From another song
6. The song Die with your boots on is included in the album...
Piece of mind
Virtual XI
Brave new world
No prayer for the dying
7. The last album released from the Irons is...
The number of the beast
Rock in Rio
A real live one
A matter of life and death
8. Which member of the group left it and returned after a few years?
Dave Murray
Bruce Dickinson
Adrian Smith
Nicko McBrain
9. Which member of the group was under the black costume in the video clip of Flight if Icarus?
Nicko McBrain
Steve Harris
Janick Gers
Rod Smallwood
10. What was the first album released from Iron maiden called?
Iron Maiden
Fear of the dark

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