Which Wand Core Should You Have?

Take this quiz to obtain your wand! Answer truthfully and discover which wand core it contains, and find out information about the magical properties it holds.

Will you have: Unicorn Hair,Dragon Heartstring,Phoenix Feather,Sphinx Whisker,Kneazle Whisker,Crup Tail,Jarvey tongue and billywig sting,Kelpie hair,Veela Hair or gnome saliva? It all depends on your personality, so remember to be honest to get a stronger wand bond!

Created by: Barbil
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What Hogsquiggle House Are You In?
Symcox-"Were the kindest souls do dwell, They try to do their hardest, At perfecting every spell"
Babbage-"They are intelligent and wise, They are fast to notice trouble, With their clever, beady eyes"
Driscoll-" The imaginative lot, They always find ideas, To make odd, unusual plots"
Diesel-"Where all are daring folk, They love a bit of mischief, But are nasty if provoked."
None yet-I have not yet taken the quiz
4. Which Item Is More Valuable?
My Invisibility Cloak-So I can sneak up on them and creep around the school annoying the caretaker.
My Wand-What good am I without my wand? My wand is part of me. I need it to defend and perform. Without it I am useless.
My Diary-If I lose this I will have nothing to confide to. I need somewhere to store my secrets and desires.
My Marauders Map-Mischief right there in my hands! What am I without trouble to guide me! I can study every detail of the school that not one other pupil knows of!
My Books-My beautiful books, with wonderful illustrations and marvellous detail. They help me to lose myself in the world and explore further then any of these other objects can let me.
My Friends-None of these things matter, they are all worthless if I dont have friends to share them with!
5. Frog/Toad,Rat,Owl or cat?
Frog/Toad-Lots of people think they're slimy and gross, but that's a plus for me! No-one else is brave enough to handle the croaking maniacs, and they are so original. They are actually quite cool!
Rat-Sneaky,sly and a little mischief maker! I want something exciting and not dull!
Owl-Useful and easy to look after. They are quite cool, and keep themselves to themselves! Also, all my friends have them!
Cat-Affectionate and cuddly, cats make great pets that are deeply understanding. They can look after themselves, yet are always there when you need them!
None-They are all to messy,yucky and a waste of time! I dont need an animal, they always get in the way!
6. Heres a little kindness. Which core would you prefer out of these?
Dragon Heartsring-Braveness and bold! Also quick learners!
Unicorn hair-Gentle and considerate,more subtle yet a good bonder
Phoenix Feather-Everyone wants this one! I want to have it too! Who dosnt want it? Its by far the best wand, duh!
Kneazle Whisker-Kneazles are the best bonders! They are also super sly!
Gnome Saliva-Hehe, I cant wait to tell my friends what's inside MY wand! I cant wait to show how unique I am!
Other-Something in the next question
7. Which wand core out of these! (Please dont choose two or your result will not be correct)
Crup Tail-Crups are so cute and such cool creatures! They are not any old dog, they are special and unique and make good buddies!
Kelpie Hair-No-one will ever believe what's in MY wand!Kelpies are super dangerous, just shows how special I am too have such a rare core!
Veela Hair-Veelas are so beautiful! They really are magnificent creatures, they are elegant and delicate, just like me!
Jarvey Tongue and Billywig Stings-What an amazing combination! And its said they originate from mischievous creatures! Hehe, theres no chance I want any of those dull cores!
Sphinx Whisker-The most creative core! Something that really shows off my intelligence
Other-Something in the previous question
8. Which is your favourite out of these?Transfiguration,Charms,Divination,Defence Against the dark arts or Astronomy
Transfiguration-So I can master the art of disguising myself into something else.
Charms-All those different spells that come in such variety!
Divination-So I can see something secretive that no-one else knows off.
DADA-Theres always exciting things in this subject that you never knew before.
Astronomy-Calm and peaceful! Where you have the night sky all to yourself and the beautiful breeze reminding you that you are all alone...
None-School is not for enjoyment, it is too learn. If that even, I wish I could teach myself
9. What do you enjoy the most out of these?
Group games-The more the merrier!
Chatting to my best friend-Just me and him/her!
Exploring-I'm sure there is always something new to fing
Learning-I cant wait to learn something new!
All of them-They all make my life wonderful!
None Of The Above-They all seem rather dull really
10. Choose your favourite Element:
Fire-Wispy and mysterious
Water-Calm and everchanging
Earth-Simple yet vital
Wind-Carefree and wild
11. Choose your favourite season:
Autumn-Sly and secretive
Summer-Exciting and adventurous
Spring-Happy and pleasant
Winter-Subtle yet transforming
12. What is worst?
They are all equal
13. Which would you rather be?
Beautiful but stubborn
Ugly yet happy
Greedy but friendly
Smelly but loved
Intelligent but unpopular
14. Is your wand important to you?
YES! Of course it is! It represents ME! And bonds with ME!
Yes! If it gets damaged or broken I will never be able to perform such amazing magic again!
Not really...I mean, this its just a wand. All wands are the same
NO! Why would I care about some stupid twig?
Yes! My wand and I have had many great memories, so much so that it automatically uses the jelly legs charm when I see someone I hate XD

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