Ollivanders Bespoke Wand Selector

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In response to overwhelming demand, Mr Ollivander, world-famous wandmaker, has created a means of wand allocation (or, more accurately, wizard selection) involving nothing more than thirteen simple questions.

Certain combinations of wand and core are more unusual than others, but you can rest assured that if you have given truthful responses to Mr Ollivander's carefully constructed questionnaire, you and your selected wand will enjoy a long and fruitful association. Take a sip of Felix Felicis and try fetching your ideal wand.

Created by: Redwood

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. To ensure we find the perfect wand for you, it's very important that you answer the following questions honestly. First of all, would you describe yourself as...
  2. And your eyes...
  3. Was the day on which you were born
  4. Do you most pride yourself on your...
  5. ~duplicated question due to limited multiple choices, vote if necessary~
  6. Travelling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue...
  7. Do you most fear...
  8. In a chest of magical artifacts, which would you choose...
  9. ~duplicated question due to limited multiple choices, vote if necessary~
  10. Would you rather have which of these possessions?
  11. Would you rather drink~
  12. Would you rather belong to~

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