Your Harry Potter Wand Core

This Quiz was designed to determine the Core of your Wand, For Personal and site usage. Only Availiable at -Ollivanders.piczo You may Choose to Request a form of Certificte as proof of your wand. This Idea is Souly Copyrighted! To Leola of -DumbledoresArmy and -Ollivanders.

I do hope you enjoy the quiz, and are perfectly Happy with your new wand. And quieries or problems should be Emailed to Leola. You will find my Email adress on any of my sites. Much Love.

Created by: Ollivander of -Ollivanders
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What, of of the qualities below, is your strongest piont?
  2. Which of these best summons up your personality?
  3. What House are you in?
  4. You Treat your wand..
  5. Are you a Voldemort supporter or death eater?
  6. Which charactor do you relate to most as a person?
  7. Do you consider becoming an Auror as an Occupation?
  8. Would you ever Pick a fight with someone because they are not like you and you consider them 'wierd'?
  9. Did you like this Quiz? (Answer does not reflect your result)
  10. When were you born?

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Quiz topic: My Harry Potter Wand Core