Which Pin-Up Idol of the Past Are You?

Over the years, there have been a lot of teen idols; ya know, guys who ended up plastered (in picture form) all over the bedroom walls of teenagers everywhere. Teen idols come in all sizes and types; the good boy, the bad seed, the quiet poet...

So, which classic teen idol are you? Just take this simple quiz and find out what's more likely to be thrown at you while you're onstage; panties? Room keys? Candy? A heroin balloon?

Created by: Lela
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your idea of a good time is...
eating a fried peanut butter andbanana sandwich in front of a wall of TVs
just hanging out with your brothers and sister.
combing your luxurious locks. Oh, and cocaine.
guest starring.
4. Your smile could be called...
a sexy sneer.
5. You're asked to appear on a television show. It's most likely to be...
something along the lines of 'American Bandstand'.
your own variety show (well, you share it with your sister)
a major network prime-time variety show.
anything that needs a cute guy that week.
a Sid and Marty Krofft production.
6. Are you more of an actor, or a singer?
7. Girls are most likely to...
swoon when they see you.
be blinded by your kindness...and your smile.
think you're SO CUTE!
sorta recognize you...maybe...from somewhere.
8. If you could, you would...
wear a coat of many colors.
be a balloon that a little kid let go.
be someone's 'teddy bear'.
be 'Surfin' USA'.
get your own show that would last more than a season.
9. After the height of your fame has passed, you...
are still hanging out with your sibs and making music. Can you say VEGAS, BABY!?
dead. Or possibly really fat and working in a pizza place. No one is sure.
drift into drugs and alcohol, then conquer your addictions to take on a series of cameo roles and pen a memoir before dying.
regularly appear...on the police blotter.
go into writing and directing independent films.
10. If you had it all to do over you...
wouldn't change a thing. You've had a great time spreading joy and music.
might not take THAT combination of pills before heading to the bathroom.
might have made a few different choices of roles.
11. Bonus: Where are you most likely to feel at home?
Back home with Mama.
The drunk tank.
On the set.
Around brightly colored characters.
Onstage with five or six of your siblings.
12. Bonus #2: How would girls react if you got married?
'Oh God no! WHY!? I was saving myself for YOU!'
'Oh, no! Still...she looks nice enough...'
'Who got married now?'
'Good for him. Maybe he's really turned it around.'
'Oh God no! WHY!? Doesn't she know what she's IN FOR!?'

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