Do You Know Idol Season 7?

Many people watch American Idol, and many also claim to have great knowledge of the show. Now it is time to test that knowledge. Let's see if they are telling the truth, or if they are fakers.

Are you one of those people? Think you know all there is to know about Idol; Season 7? Well, then this is the quiz for you! It's time to see how much you REALLY know! Good luck and have fun!

Created by: LeBron James
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1. Which of these people were NOT in the final 12?
Robbie Carrico
Jason Castro
David Archuleta
Sayesha Mercado
2. Who sang "Long Train Runnin'" the night he/she was eliminated?
Robbie Carrico
Kady Malloy
Amanda Overmyer
Jason Yeager
3. Which of these people did not audition in Idol Season 7?
Colton Berry
Will Smith
Ramiele Malubay
David Archuleta
4. Who sang "Proud Mary" at their auditions?
Danny Noriega
David Cook
Amy Flynn
Kelly Clarkson
5. True or False: Amy Flynn made it past Hollywood Week.
6. Who pumped up the contestants before Hollywood Week?
Chris Brown
David Archuleta
Jeffrey Lampkin
Danny Noriega
7. True or False: Ryan Seacrest quit as host during Season 7.
8. What is Idol finalist Brooke's last name?
9. Who sang "Waiting On The World To Change" at their auditions?
John Mayer
David Archuleta
David Hernandez
Smith Brooker
10. How many people were left going into Judgement Day?

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