Which Season 6 American Idol Contestant Are You

We're all watching American Idol and we all have our favorites. Maybe we like the ones we do because in our minds we imagine they are just like us. Or maybe they are everything we wish we could be.

Just for fun, here is a quiz to see which Season 6 American Idol contestant you most closely represent. Again, this is JUST FOR FUN. I don't claim to know the true inner personalities of the contestants.

Created by: Christen
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your friends would describe you mainly as
A Princess
I have no idea
4. When you do something well you want
Applause and celebration in your honor
A pat on the back for my hardwork
There's not much I do well
To hear from someone that I am worthwhile
Just what is due to me
Nothing. Compliments embarrass me.
5. Favorite Color?
Depends on my mood
6. Of the following who is your favorite artist?
Christina Aguilera
Tori Amos
Aretha Franklin
Kelly Clarkson
Paul McCartney
Justin Timberlake
7. You just humiliated yourself in front of a bunch of strangers. What do you do?
Remain stone faced and pretend it never happened
Make a joke out of it
Charge people to see it again
Smile! Things like that don't really matter.
Remember things could be worse. Just be happy to be there and be alive.
8. Do you..
March to the beat of your own drum
Follow the current trends
Stand out in the crowd
Blend in
Don't care
9. At this point your main priority is
Your family
Your business/ job
Your creative outlet
Your friends
Being popular
Your integrity
10. Which best describes you
Down to earth
Head in the clouds
All Heart
11. You are most likely to be found
Singing in the Church choir
Hanging out at the mall
Dancing in a trendy nightclub
At home with the family
With my closest friends
Any of those at different times
12. When it comes to problem solving
I crack under pressure
There are no problems, only opportunities
I stay calm, cool, and collective
I tackle things one step at a time and I don't worry
I thank God for every problem because there are people in the world who'd pay to have what I see as problems
I don't think I'm great at it but things tend to work out just fine for me anyway
13. Choose one
Caring for others
Achieving success
Expressing myself
Delivering Joy
Determining my own destiny
Going with the flow
14. Assuming you could do these all equally well, which song would you love to perform on American Idol?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
A parody poking fun at the whole show
What a Wonderful World
We Are the Champions
I'm Just a Girl
Something I wrote myself
15. When you are at work (or school) you
concentrate on the task at hand and do your best
Network with the higher ups in hopes of advancement
work hard but make time for friends as well
are the office/class clown
enjoy yourself
16. You would be...
A Drama Queen
A Wall flower
An Oddball
What you see is what you get
Not sure
17. You've won American Idol. Who do you thank first?
God/ Jesus
Mom and Dad
Your spouse
Good marketing
Me win?

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