Which One Direction Boy Is For You?

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One Direction are a hot pop group from the British talent show X Factor. In this quiz you will find out which member of the group you are most suited to.

Will it be Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry or Zayn? Just grab a pen and paper, and test this quiz on yourself and the others around you. Then pretend you've got a date!

Created by: The Geek
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3. Your boyfriend of six months has just dumped you for the neighbourhood tart. You...
Shrug your shoulders and get on with it.
Go home and write a song about how rubbish life is.
Have a massive hissy fit and throw your stuff around.
Ring up your mates and pour your heart out.
Sit back, turn up the stereo and relax.
4. The teacher at school has just grilled you for forgetting your homework again. You...
Apologise and bring it in next week.
Flirt your way out of the situation like you do with everything.
Roll your eyes and tell everyone how in the right you are.
Say sorry and go and grab a drink with your mates to forget about it.
Shrug and be like 'yeah, whatever.'
5. You get a voucher for your birthday for a local shop. It's...
Skaterz Threadz
Music To My Ears
Jack Wills
Yves Saint Laurent
6. You get a text from an ex saying 'fancy a movie and a bite?' You...
Don't text them for a few days and then say 'no'.
Let them down slowly and then feel bad.
'HAHA U wish'
Consult your buddies first to see their opinion
Leave it and don't bother texting back.
7. Your Mum isn't allowing you to go to a concert because of the recent shooting that happened there. You...
Accept her reasons and ring up your mates.
Schmooze her by sweeping the house and cleaning the garage.
Have a massive tantrum and refuse to eat.
Laugh it off and go round a mate's house.
Sigh frustratingly and go and listen to some music.
8. You have been asked to come up with a brand name for a new line of shoes. Your idea is...
Off The Wall
Casual Cut
Jump Kix
Beach Sun
9. Your favourite colour is...
Light red.
10. Your Dad is harrassing you about your day at school. You...
Shut the door in his face but then slip him a choccie bar.
Kindly tell him to leave you alone.
Shout at him about how life is so not fair and can't you get any privacy?
Humour him for a second then get Mum to take him away.
Zone out while he's talking.
11. There's a new hot boy (but he's arrogant) at school and he asks you out. You...
Stick to your guns and say no.
Kindly let him down as you care about what he thinks of you.
Say yes to boost your social status.
Consult the mates.
Be like 'whatever' and shrug it off.
12. It's the last day of term and you forget to get your yearbook signed. You...
Get your closest mates to sign it.
Write yourself your own inspirational message.
Tear it up and put the shreds in your enemies's lockers
Get your mates together and write each other funny messages
Get one person to sign it then put it in your locker and leave it there

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