Which mystical creature are you?

You have heard all these stories about mystical creatures, magic and ghosts all your childhood. But what life would you choose to lead if you were in one? You long to be someone different, so why not see who you would be?

Are you a mystical creature? Are you a quiet, kind-natured Unicorn? Are you a daring, calculating Vampire? Until now you could only dream! By taking this quiz, you will create your second life!

Created by: Elizabeth of Wraithsaver
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you are out socializing, what is your drink?
Rum and coke
Neat Vodka
Anything that knocks me into Disco Wonderland!
Nothing special, I'll just have a lemonade thanks
4. You have a test tomorrow, but you haven't revised! It is 10pm and you test is at 8am. What do you do?
Call in sick. You'll do the test another day.
Ask your parents to test you to see how much you know.
Cram all your revison into one night. You have to get an A or you'll be grounded! Aaahhh!
Confess to your parents and ask them to help you.
Call you friends to find out what their answers are.
5. What is your favorite animal?
Stick Insect
Don't like animals
6. On a trip to the cinema, what are you most likely to go and see?
The Lord Of The Rings
Die Hard
Meet The Robinsons
Anything your friends will see
7. You stray from a path in a forest. You search around madly but you cannot find it! What happens next?
A madman finds you and murders you
You are chased by wild dogs
You are rescued by a unicorn
You spend the next three days finding your way out by yourself
You sit down and cry
You swear at the trees
8. What are your views on sex?
Think about it tons, but I never seem to get any!
I have it every day!
It is good if you are in a serious and loving relationship.
I prefer one night stands myself.
It should be saved until marriage.
Ugh! No!
9. You are exploring a magical foreign land when you amazingly come across the elusive Fountain Of Youth! What next?
Kneel down and drink it immediately. You would love to live forever!
Hesitate, then sip a little. You finally want to live to see your descendants.
Linger for a while. You are not sure whether you want to be around or that it could be poisoned.
Take a little home for someone dear.
You decide not to drink any. You want your life to just be full.
Drink out of a fountain?! How unhealthy!
10. What would your mystical name be?
Silver Rain/Merlin
11. What are your powers?
Disappearing, healing and flying.
Mind control, affecting the weather and flying.
Leviation, super strength and agility.
Super strength, sixth sense and going through walls.
Storm-making, giving eternal youth and extreme intellegience.
Storm-making, mind control and causing death.
12. What is your favorite quote?
If you want something done right, do it yourself!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
I know what I'm doing!
I wish, I wish, I wish...
I have a cunning plan...
Beg for mercy or die!
13. You have a dream you are Juliet or Romeo. It gets to the point you are about to drink a potion that will make you seem dead. You stop suddenly to think. What is your next decision?
I love you Juliet/Romeo! I will drink this to wake up and be with you forever!
What if this is poisoned?
No. This is wrong. I think I like my other suitor actually...
You don't think because you faint.
This is stupid! I can't risk all else for love!
Despair and drink poison instead.
14. Your friend calls you and says they have a problem in their relationship. You...
...tell them you'll be over straightaway.
...say you'll be over later. You have some revison to do.
...give some advice over the phone. You don't want to bump into their weird mother.
...say you're busy. You've been planning this pub crawl for weeks!
...suggest she sorts it out herself. You can't think right now.
...think she'll be alraight and mutter, "Dump them"
15. How many children do you want?
As many as possible! You love dear little kiddies!
4 or 5
2 or 3.
Just the 1 girl.
Just the 1 boy.
None thank you. You want to be solitary forever.
16. Finally, you achieve a dream and you win the lottery! What is the first thing you buy?
A ferrari!
A shopping spree!
A wedding!
Take your friends out for pampering!
Donate some to charities!
As many playstations as will fit in the house!

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