Which creature of the night are you?

Nothing as sexy as a creature of the night, is there? Come on ladies, who doesn't want a Transylvanian prince to give them eternal life? And men: who doesn't want the power to overpower, and/or seduce. Inside of us all, there is a draw toward the dark side, a want to be counted as a creature of the night.

So, which creature of the night are you? Are you the sensual vampire, the wild werewolf or the lingering ghost? Are you an incubus/succubus, draining lovers of energy, or, perhaps, you are the sorcerer, master of the dark arts. Are you the living apocalypse known as the demon, or are you the weirdest kind of outsider, the spawn of mighty Cthulu? Take this quiz and find out.

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3. Your car has broken down and you and your significant other are stranded in the middle of the countryside. What do you do?
Kiss while listening to the Bauhaus by the light of the instrument panel
Jump out into the countryside and have wild, passionate sex
Curse, kick the car, set it on fire and then set the neighboring corn field on fire
Open the hood and see if you can fix the problem
Stare into the nothingness and emotionally implode
Garner sympathy from your significant other until they get out and try to fix the car to stop your suffering.
4. You find a threatening gris-gris (voodoo charm) stuck onto your door with a knife. What do you do?
Go back inside and hope the neighbors think it's just an eccentric decoration
Find the voodoo man and stick his knife into his tires
find the voodoo man and stick the knife in his ear
Cast a counter-spell
Throw it into a mud-puddle and do a little dance around it until the voodoo man's death comes from the space between the stars
Make peace with him and then destroy him with drama
5. It is a a beautiful full-moon night. You:
Sit on your porch with wine or absinthe, making eyes at a waifish young member of the opposite sex.
Try to capture the moonlight in a talisman.
Rip off your clothes and run howling through the woods.
Keep your significant other inside for long, slow sex.
Get angry at the beauty because what kind of God could create that and still make sure you never have any peace.
You stare at it thinking of shrill flute music and drums in the deep.
6. When you get truly and profoundly angry:
Things start flying around your house.
Somebody gets turned into a toad.
It affects your circle of friends profoundly
A lot of snarking, teeth-baring and soap-opera slapping
A lot of growling, bruising and brawling
7. Pick a Higher Power:
Nyarlahotep, the soul and the image of the Elder Gods
Persephone, queen of the underworld
Hecate, the witch-goddess
Fenrir, the mighty wolf of Norse Mythology
Kali, the fanged, blood-drinking goddess
8. A member of the opposite sex offers you their heart, unashamedly and with no reservations. How do you respond:
Inwardly you smirk and rejoice in your new toy
You return the love, and place them in your collection of lovers.
You bond with them for life.
You stare at the television and try to ignore the ungodly burst of passion
You tear it out of their chest and eat it with a grin
You remove it with a scalpel and use it as an ingredient of invocation
9. My favorite beverage is:
Light Beer
A Dark Stout
Fresh blood.
Red Bull
10. If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?
How about a big glass of shut the hell up?
Who cares.
I can hear everything so the point is moot.
How droll.
Is the tree on fire? Please tell me the tree's on fire.
An interesting question which explores the nature of reality and existence: I will ponder it.
11. Being a creature of the night, you love to go clubbing. What is your club like?
Loud industrial music, lots of fake fog and white faces flirting from the shadows.
A circle of stones in the full-moonlit woods and a boombox playing Canadian folk-rock.
Your living room and you're sharing your burdens with those you love.
A great Egyptian temple with chanting and incense
Lots of fire, lots of fighting, lots of evil laughter and heavy metal
Brand new neophytes do the hokey-pokey to baroque classical music playing at the same time as kodo drumming.
12. Pick the celebrity you like the most:
Gary Oldman
Michael J. Fox
Ian McKellan
Lindsey Lohan
David Duchovny
Jack Nicholson

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