Which creature of the night are you?

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PUTZthecat100 said:
May 24 '15, 7:16PM


infinite17 said:
Dec 21 '14, 5:01AM

Bastille said:
Oct 25 '14, 8:23PM

Vampire... -_- I was hoping for demon.

Flareon726 said:
Apr 23 '14, 2:08PM

I'm a werewolf in real life and on here! HOWL!

BaconCat said:
Feb 15 '14, 11:12PM

Demon!!!! Ahahahaha!!! Hell yes!

Scuttlist said:
Dec 14 '13, 3:46AM

Cthulu Spawn. :)

Rainbow Dash14 said:
Jun 24 '13, 8:53PM

Cthulu Spawn

You are really an alien thing, aren't you? I can't describe you because you are beyond. We say "left field" and you say "Krn Grth Thchrang." You are the wild card of the bunch, the unknown quantity

YES! I DEFINATLY AM A WEIRDOIN REAL LIFE!! I am being totally serious too.

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