Which BIG LOVE wife are you?

Could you handle sharing your husband with 2 or more other women? Could you find your place in the household and unselfishly share and help out for the good of all involved? COuld you take the back seat from time to time and let the other women feel special too?

Which BIG LOVE wife would you be? The responible one, the idealistic one, or the youthful, fun-loving one? Could you see yourself appreciating everything that the other wives could do for you?

Created by: Brandi
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. you are going to a pta meeting what do you wear?
jeans, a nice top, flats
a long skirt, a lacy button up blouse
a sweater, some dress slacks
shorts and a baby tee
a baby-dolll dress
a long tan dress
4. There is a function and SOMEBODY has to stay home with the kids. Do you...
say screw that, I'm not staying home!
draw straws
offer to stay, as long as you get to go next time
offer! you love the kids!
remind everyone that you always have to stay home
remind someone else it is their job
5. one of the kids has been suspended from school. You get a call from the principal. Do you...
handle it yourself w/o starting any ruckus
call your husband right away
tell the other wives only
chew their ass and black mail them
have a family meeting later
blame blame blame
6. One of the other wives is pregnant. You are...
dreading it
picking out nursery colors
planning the baptism
feeling the belly!
7. your husband is giving a lot more secretive attention to one of the wives than the others. do you...
discuss it with them
spy on him privately
cry about it
ask him whats up
give them their space
move in on the other one he is ignoring also
8. one of the children is having serious behavior problems do you...
work with him wether or not he is biologically yours
call a shrink
tell your husband to handle it
talk privately with his mother
avoid him like the plague
have the other children help him out
9. If you had ot pick a position in a wedding which would it be?
Maid of honor
10. what color do you want to wear on saturday?
off white
light blue
11. choose your favorite of the following names
12. which of the following is a most attractive trait in a man?
13. if you had to pick a situation for sharing a car what would it be?
I drive
I'll just stay home
I'll get a ride somehow
"You can use my car"
"It's my turn to have the car"
"I want my own car!"
14. how do you feel standing in line at he grocery store or somewhere for a long time?
I get mad and take it personally
i just dont have time, I have to go
I will occupy myself until its my turn
I think they are talking about me
god! How rude
it's ok, it has to get done sometime
15. which shoes would you choose?
cute stilettos
flip flops
black pumps
16. what kind of bras/panties
white cotton bikinis
oscar the grouch panties
push up bras
white cotton briefs
17. Your idea of a fun family outing
going out to eat
a quiet picnic
the zoo
something educational
something artsy

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