What kind of wife are you?

Many wives out there probably don't know how they are perceived by thier husbands. Are they still hot? Are they too boring? Is he in marriage hell? Many husbands are reluctant to tell their wives how they really feel so as a wife you never really know his true point of view.

So what kind of wife are you? Does he brag about you to his friends? Is he bored out of his mind? Is he as miserable as you are? Take this quiz to find out how he really feels!!

Created by: Jeff of askamarriedman.com
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3. Your kids are at the grandparents for the weekend...so you are planning to....
Go rent a sexy movie and get a nice bottle of wine to suprise your husband with
make him a nice dinner and then tell him to go out with his friends while he has the chance
rent a movie for yourself and tell he can do whatever
give him a list of things to do and head to the salon
4. It's Friday night and your husband has had a long week...
You give him a nice massage then follow with whatever he wants
You make him some great food and let him watch the game
you order pizza and spend the evening watching T.V. with him
you tell him you have a headache and need him to go get some groceries
5. When you catch your husband checking out another girl you
smile and make a comment complimenting her on an area he was probably looking at
You give him a playful punch and tell him knock it off
you give him a disapproving look and say you don't like that
you say nothing and he gets no sex for a month
6. Your ideal romantic and fun night with your husband is...
A nice dinner and and a movie
Dinner,drinks and hot fun at home
rent a movie and order a pizza
let him go to bingo with you
7. The big football game is this weekend so you're planning on....
going to your parents until its over
hanging out and making food for everyone
grabbing the best seat in the house and watching the game
letting him tape it so he can watch it later
8. You run into your husbands ex and the store so you...
Give her a smile and say hi then grab his butt and kiss him deeply as you walk away
you smile and nod and tug his hand a little in the other direction
you give her a dirty look and keep walking
you're pretty sure he looked at her so no sex for a month
9. You and your husbands favorite activity together is...
Are you kidding, the bedroom is our palace of fun
working out together
T.V. night
not having to talk to each other
10. Your husbands best friend hit on you last night so you
Tell your husband as gently as you can
Try and steer him away from that friend from now on
you don't tell him but make it clear to the freind it better never happen again
you're overjoyed his hot friend noticed you
11. How many times a week do you make love to your husband?
5 or more
not at all if I can help it
12. You catch your man watching a dirty movie among other things so you...
Come on in and help out
laugh, say you're sorry and tease him later
turn around and walk out then question him later about why he needs to watch adult movies
yell at him and tell your parents about it at Thanksgiving

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