What type of wife are you?

There are a lot of married people. People in committed realationships. Etc. Ever wonder what type of wife you are? Confused as to what you should be doing?

What kind of wife are you? This test will help you learn what type of wife you are. There are many, many types of wives. This test will give you the basic 4 types. Good luck!

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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your spouse has had a bad day at work and is being distant, you?
Know just what to do to make them feel better!
Throw dinner at them and tell them to leave it at work
They work? You havent noticed.
Roll your eyes and go back to what you were doing
Try to make them feel better but end up making their day worse
4. Your spouse comes down with the flu, you?
Run to their side and try to nurse them back waiting on them hand and foot!
Set them up before going to work with the necesisties and check on them through the day!
Yell at them for getting sick!
Tell them to get over it!
Call them every 5 minutes checking on them
5. It is your spouses birthday, you?
Set up a lavish party knowing they will dislike it
Send an email card
Plan a night they will love!
Remember a week later and text them a belated bday
Do nothing
Give them a card and a small gift
6. A rainy Saturday afternoon, your spouse looks bored, you?
Ask what they would like to do and drill them for an answer
Tell them your going out
Ask them to leave since your friends are coming over
Strike up an interesting conversation
Make a snack and pull out their favorite game or movie
Poke at them until they snap
7. While shopping at the mall your spouse points out something they love! You,
Make a mental note and get it for them just because
Ask if they want it now or for their bday or xmas or anniversary
Point out that they talk to much
Roll your eyes and make a bline for your favorite store
Say how your "best friend" would love it too
8. Your spouse calls you out of the blue, you?
Ask a million questions as to why
Say thank you and I love you
Hang up on them
Push ignore call
Say what the hell do you want?
9. You just received a promotion. You want to celebrate with a large group of friends. Your spouse secretly has planned an intimate night for two. You,
Are super annoyed and go out with your friends
Tell them how wonderful they are, and that quick drinks with everyone before couple time would be great!
Drop plans with your friends and give all your attention to your spouse
Tell your spouse they are stupid to think you want intimate time with them
Tell them you have to be drunk before there will be any couple time
10. You and your spouse are having a bit difficulty communicating you?
Read up on some couple books, sit down and make a plan of action together
Pretend everything is super!
Do nothing, you love not communicating!
Start writing emails instead of talking
Ask if they are moving out
11. The finances are being strained, you?
Tell them to get another job to support your habits
Ask why they spend money you dont have
Secretly stop spending to save for them!
Sit down and figure it out together
Do nothing, the divorce will be here soon
12. Your spouse has lost their job, you?
Yell and scream at them for being stupid
Ask what happened and wait on them hand and foot at home
Console them and help them overcome this difficult time in their lives
Tell them they have to come up with their half of the bills or else
13. Your mother in law or should we say monster in law wants to move in, you?
Tell your spouse its either mom in law or you!
Suggest they both get their own apartment
Sit down and come up with a plan so everyone is happy
Smile and become her maid when she moves in

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