Are you a good wife?

Marriage is a piece of work. Lots of compromise and effort to make it really happen. Together forever may be your destiny. Its important to be loving and caring because it reflects the world around us.

Do you often wonder if you are good wife? Is your husband really happy? Do you need to work on somethings? Maybe you will find out things that you didn't know or never thought of before. Your about to find out!

Created by: JAS
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Are you married?
I was once
4. Do you lie to your husband?
I lie when I don't want to hurt his feelings
Lying is ok if its meaningless
5. Do you satisfy your husband in the bedroom?
Of course everyday
Only when I want it
I dont know
We dont do that anymore
6. Who cleans the house?
We both do
I make him
I do it
No one
7. Do you work?
No way, that's his job
Yes, I let him stay at home
I do but its only for fun
I want to but it's not the right time
Yes, we both have good careers
8. Who washes the clothes?
Both of us
No way he's not touching my washer
I'm not the maid
I do, men shouldn't do laundry
He does it
9. Do you cook for him?
We go out to eat because I can't cook
No, he does all the cooking
Yes, but its microwave dinners
Most of the time, I do the best I can
I cook him all of his favorites everyday
10. Do you pick up his messes?
Heck no
Sure, he works a lot
Yes he won't do it
No I leave the mess cause he is a slob
Sometimes when he doesn't
11. Do you have children?
He does but I don't want any
Were not ready yet
We are trying
He doesn't want any
12. Another woman flirts with him you?
Scream at him and take off
Laugh about it
Wait till you get home and tell him it bothers you
Do nothing
Yell at the woman
13. He comes home late and drunk you...
Do nothing
Get into a big fight
Talk about it in the morning
Accuse him of cheating and file for divorce
Ask him if he had a good time
14. He get's a good job offer out of state...
Congratulate him and get packing
Tell him he needs to keep looking
Have a talk and weight the options
Cry cause you dont want to move
Tell him you're not moving with him
15. He loses his job...
Go out and get a job until he finds one
I don't care
Yell at him every day about it
Help him look
16. After a long day at work he asks you to rub his back, you....
Drop everything and do it
Tell him no, you never rub mine
Ignore him
Ask him if you can do it when you finish what your doing
Tell him to go to a professional masseuse
17. He goes for a checkup and finds out he has a STD...
Run out and get yourself checked
Accuse him of cheating
Ask him how he got it and how long he has had it
File for divorce
Support him with his treatments
18. He has been drinking a lot and acting crazy, you...
Ignore him
Dont care and drink with him
Talk with him and ask him what's wrong
Hide his alcohol
Get him professional help
19. You very much dislike his mother...
Tell him you don't like her and rufuse to speak to her
Call her and tell her you hate her
Say nothing
Tell him you're just gonna be nice but you dislike her
Try to like her for his sake
20. When you go to see a movie you like romance and he like action what do you do?
Watch what he wants
Force him to watch what you want
Try to find something that has both in it
Go by yourself
Watch comedy instead
21. You're going out to eat where do you go?
Where he wants
Where you want
Somewhere new
Talk about it
Buffet so everyone is happy
22. Your husband smokes and you don't...
Don't care
Tell him he stinks
Try to help him quit
My husband doesn't smoke
Ask him if he could smoke outdoors
I smoke to so it doesn't matter
23. He buys you a gift that you dont like you...
Tell him you love it and keep it a secret
Tell him its not your style and to take it back
Thank him and tell him you love the idea but your unsure about it
Learn to like it even though its not your style
Next time give him a lot of clues
24. You were using the computer and messed someting up ....
Say nothing
Tell him the cat did it
Let him know something happend when you were using it
Try to fix it
I did it on purpose because he is on it too much
25. He yells at you for something you did wrong...
Yell at him and blame him
Tell him you're sorry
Ignore him
Ask him not to yell at you and teach you how to do it right

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