What stereotype are you?

Many people have different personalities. They're all different. We all wonder what we are, when people ask us in societies such as school or parks. It may be classed as Labelling, which I am against, but some want to get ANSWERS.

Who are you? What type of person are you really? Find out here! In this quiz, your stereo type will be defined by the personality answers you submit. Simple, really.

Created by: Bethiie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What's your favourite band?
Anything. Music's my life. It's all I have in a way.
Oh! Mozart of course. No, No, wait. S Club 7.
Anything I can dig down the skatepark to!
Some phat tune. Black eyed peas innit?
I don't have a favourite band. I just like Vindaloo, and all those footie songs.
4. What's your favourite colour?
Pink, Neutral, Silver, Black. They're ok I guess.
Black!!! Nothing but BLACK and maybe some neon...
Brown, Green, Yellow. Something smart and classy.
Blue innit? Or red. Catches the stares aint it?
Green! Purple! anything PUNK!!
The colour of my favourite footie shirt.
5. How do you greet your friends?
I wave casually and say something like "Hey.."
I wave frantically and cry "Hello my dearest!" as happily as a bunny.
I slap 'em on the back and say "Did ya see the results? Good game last night!
I stride over and say "Alright? What up me homies?"
I nod in a subtle, dark manor.
I walk over cooly. I wave and say "What did you think of the concert?"
6. Your favourite subject is...
Maths. Science. Oh, I love all of them!
Music, Drama, English. I can show my hidden creativity.
SPORT!! What else? School's a bore.
Music. Art. I can make some rocking posters!
School? Are you kidding? I don't go man. I'm not a dweeb, innit?
Art. I can paint dark pictures, and just sit silently...
7. Your ideal pet would be..
A bulldog. Tough for goin' out slammin'.
A goldfish in a little bowl! How exciting!
A snake, or a cat. Preferably black.
A cat or a lizard. They're calm..
I don't want a flipping pet! If I had to choose, then a football will do me fine.
A tarantula. I could train it to skateboard!
8. Finish this sentence. I was sitting in class one day..
..wondering what the hell I was doing there.
..listening eagerly, hoping to be picked to give out the books.
..listening to my Ipod, or listening if it was something I liked.
..reading my lastest football mag and chewing gum.
..polishing my skateboard under the table and reading a mag.
..fiddling with my badges on my jumper/ blazer. Reading a rock magazine.
9. Favourite shop?
Bargain booze.
I don't DO shopping.
10. Favourite day?
Monday! a new school week!
Friday! No more school..just me time.
Sunday. Spending it with all my homies.
The weekend. Out at the skate park of course.
I don't like days.
Whenever Match of the Day is on.
11. It's nearly over..
Aww! I wanted a question about pi! I wanted to see how smart I was!
Fine with me.
Don't diss me!
'Ave it.
I'm cool with it.
Nice! now I can go play footie!
12. Oh hang on...not yet.
For GAWD'S sake! Just finish it now!
YAY! I can tell you all about pi!
That's cool. What's next?
Damn! I wanted to play footie!
Fine. I don't care.
Ok. Do you like Avril Lavigne?
13. ...That was it!
YAY!!!!! Why did I even take this dumb quiz?
Cool. Wonder what I got.
Fine. Could of been better...I'm not bothered.
No pi? Oh goodness gracious! That's awful! Whoever heard of a quiz without pi?
FOOTIE! I'm outta here! What? Results? Go on then.
I'm off to the skate park then. Laters.

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