What "Clique" Are You In?

Stereotype. The word seems long and scientific, but really, it just means how people see you, like what "clique" you are in. The word stereotype describes the way people act and their actions, and how they think.

What's YOU'RE stereotype? What clique (pronounced 'click', of course) are YOU in? Leave it to this quiz to find out! What do I have to say about my quiz? Well, good luck! And answer honestly!

Created by: kathy
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You have nothing to do on the weekend. You decide to:
Study or do homework or extra credit
Go shopping or hang out with friends
Read or rest
Clean up the house
Do cartwheels all over the room
Do all or almost all of this stuff
4. Your birthday party is-
A sleep-and-shopover with all my coolest friends
A small celebration with my family
I have different parties each year
A trivia game show theme
A super silly sensation
The best party ever - everything my way
5. You mom says you need more shoes. You think:
What type of shoe is in this week?
Ugh . . . shopping?
What kind of shoe do I not already have?
What kind of shoe will I wear most often?
Which shoe does nobody else have?
Which is the most comfortable shoe?
6. You're at a party and you don't really know anyone. You:
Go up to someone and make friends.
Scoff at how boring the party is.
Party? Uh, I don't think so!
Get homework done while you wait for friends to arrive.
Do something silly to catch everyone's attention.
Go up to the host and play with her.
7. You really want something. You:
beg your parents for it.
save up for it.
steal it from someone
get something like it
don't get it
throw a tantrum until you get it
8. You ideal afternoon would be spent:
Doing homework
Taking a nap
Eating a snack
Watching TV
Calling your friends
Hanging out with siblings or friends
9. Do you like school?
Are you kidding? No way!
Oh yes, definitely.
I like some of my teachers.
Sometimes it's fun.
I wish I were homeschooled.
The social aspects are fun.
10. A word that you hope describes you:
11. Your greeting
A mumble
Hi! Hi! Hi!
Hey, what's up
Depends who I'm talking to
12. You want friends that are
Popular or stylish
Incredibly nice and flawless in every way
humorous and can do silly things
You don't have very many friends

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