to be emo or not to be emo

So do you consider yourself emo,or do some of your friends accuse you of fitting into this up and coming stereotype? Well what is emo anyway? Emo is a stereotype of a emotional,quiet, and somewhat gender confused individual.

Do you tend to wear black,and borrow the opposite gender's jeans?Well then, you may just be emo!Take this handy little quiz so you can figure out whether you're truly emo or just a goth gone wrong!

Created by: kelly
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. which of the following would you suggest as a band name?
stab my heart coz i luv you
barbie is my lover
sunshine r us
epiphany of remembrance
4. Are you dark and sensitive with low self esteem?
yeah no one knows it though
some people say i am but i try to disregard it
no im effin happy
isnt that from a song... how great!
5. Do you listen to hawthorne heights and dashboard?
yeah cant w/o crying though
no stupid emo music
i prefer spirtual music that cleanses the soul
6. can you get your hair to do that flippy thingy?
no... it really sucks
heck ya ive had that cut way before everyone else
no im not gay!
what flippy thingy?
7. do you jump around when you go to shows?
yeah im crazy
no i just kinda stand there soaking in the deep lyrics
you dont ''jump around'' at my kind of shows
shows r for losers
8. do you play guitar and write suicide notes?
i cant play guitar
suicide? i like living
yeah thats where i write my best lyrics
i cant play guitar while writing notes
9. do your sisters jeans look great on you?
i have my own jeans
yeah there so tight, they suffocate out my pain
i dont wear jeans... only minis
why would i wear my sis's jeans?
10. would you rather play xbox or original nintendo
xbox def... i dont play stupid crap like nintendo
nintendos cool...but xbox is way cooler
nintendo i go freakin old school
none i dont believe in modern technology
11. have you made out with someone of the same sex, yet claim to be straight?
yeah it was a dare
ewww gross... rep to protect
yeah but i mean it the 2000's who cares?
nah i like being straight
12. what's your favorite color?
black black and more black
idk i kinda like bubbly colors
red...the color i bleed
dont care as long as it makes my waist look thin

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