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  • Your Result: Funloving and Strong

    Your type of person is energetic and always there to protect you. Your person is always happy and upbeat.But if someone hurts you he will help you and mabe give a little beating to that person.

    Wildflower Mar 11 '12, 8:17PM
  • It's awesome

    Puppylove10 Jul 10 '11, 10:54PM
  • i guess those shops you said r american coz ive never seen them in scotland

    eirene Mar 7 '11, 3:30PM
  • Fun loving and strong-Yay! This quiz is really cool. I would like my soul mate to be really tall,muscular,blond e haired and blue eyes. Id like him to be funny to.

    eirene Mar 7 '11, 3:27PM
  • I TOTALLY LOVE THIS QUIZ!I got funny and cute witch is sooooo like my crush!OMG maybe he likes me 2! hope. ILY

    BFS Mar 6 '11, 1:12PM
  • I got funny and cute. That's kinda what I wanted, but these quizzes aren't always accurate, but I think they are, because a lot of funny guys talk to me. and there's this on really cute/funny guy who i have a lot in common with. I sure think it might be right;)

    sunshinelife Oct 27 '10, 1:23PM
  • I got funny and cute, and that is SOOOOO my crush. We're in a play together, and these two kids are so awesoem so i call them my little sisters, but they fight over me all the time. we were doing an energy circle today at the play, and the kids were fighting who gets to hold my hand, so my crush says "You'll owe me..." and he cuts between me and one of the girls, and we're supposed to holds hands, and he takes my hand and... well.... i kinda got a contact high after that so i kinda forgot but.... HOLY s--- HE HELD MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Jesus Christ look at me, emo girl giggling over a silly crush. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE... ..

    BBAlover1 Aug 22 '10, 1:33AM

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