What kind of person is attracted to you?

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Heartless15 said:
Mar 12 '09, 3:20PM

Your Result: Funloving and Strong


Your type of person is energetic and always there to protect you. Your person is always happy and upbeat.But if someone hurts you he will help you and mabe give a little beating to that person.

Hawkshadow said:
Feb 22 '09, 3:44PM

smart and serious

yes i do have a sense of humor

bubblz said:
Feb 18 '09, 11:44PM

hey, y cant i be smart and strong at the same time? are u saying smart people are nerds and strong people are idiots? and y do i have to be serious if im smart?

i didn't get any of the questions. several were unclear or stereotypical and i had trouble understanding the link between appearance (eye color) and personality.

cute no hot said:
Feb 18 '09, 11:11PM

Funny and Cute.

Miss Awesome said:
Feb 17 '09, 5:49PM

This quiz is extremly stupid and gay, only it is sort of right because I am funny but not cute cuz I have boring brown eyes and boring curly brown hair that can use all the help it can get.

Aero2010 said:
Feb 17 '09, 12:46PM

Hmmm...this was mildly stupid! Who the hell made this??? Anyways <3<3<3 to the people. =)

Chewy_Frog said:
Feb 17 '09, 8:23AM

ok i dont like that quiz, i mean relly "a smart and serious guy is attracted 2 u" wats rong wif funny, and cute, im real bad wif boys :(

idc said:
Feb 16 '09, 6:14PM

funny and cute
I guess that's awsome

SparklingFallenAngel said:
Feb 16 '09, 12:16PM

Funny and Cute.

Xy624 said:
Feb 16 '09, 12:07PM

I got smart &amp; serious , Cool !!!!

sk8chik said:
Feb 15 '09, 4:36PM

hey if ur gay plz let me know cuz im lookin for lezbian love!*blush*

ltlbabeangel said:
Feb 15 '09, 12:09PM

Smart and serious....like meh x)

starfire3 said:
Feb 14 '09, 11:07PM

Funloving and Strong now thats the kinda guy i like awlsome quiz ^.^

Too me said:
Feb 14 '09, 9:12PM

funny and cute... ok. didn't care for the quiz.

megzamillion said:
Feb 14 '09, 7:15PM

that was gr8! a cute and funny guy will like me! :) yay <33

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