What kind of person is attracted to you?

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AliD said:
Aug 14 '15, 10:22PM

Fun Loving and strong! Omg I have a best friend and he is just like that! Lol! xD

Bea said:
May 31 '15, 8:11AM

I didn't know the shops that you mentioned i think they ar only in America not here in Tanzania

batman12506 said:
Mar 27 '15, 11:15PM

Funny and cute. :3

commie russkie said:
Sep 1 '14, 6:35PM

im in the russian armed forces

Magical Nonsense said:
Jun 7 '14, 2:20PM

What kind of person is attracted to you?
Your Result: Smart and Serious

Your type of person is loving but doesn't have a big sense of humor. The person is very serious when it comes to your relationship.If have one talk about seeing other people for a few months, he will be very angry.The person will love you for who you are and always will know the right thing to do.

39%Funny and Cute

25%Funloving and Strong

harmany4life said:
Dec 27 '13, 2:35PM


arlex said:
Apr 10 '12, 2:06AM

akward my gf is like that i wanna be a navy seal though

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