What Kind Of Pagan Are You?

What kind of Pagan are you is a short quiz, but should adequately demonstrate that we must have a sense of humor about our selves and may offer a thought or two which had not occurred to you.

What kind of pagan are you divides paganism in a uncommon way: by continent. It's very short and took more effort than I originally planned. Anyway, please enjoy!

Created by: Malaz
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you enjoy fairy tales?
My fairy statue collection is larger than my DVD collection.
Fairy tales? I'll watch Rocky 1-5 instead.
4. A viking funeral sounds like a great idea!
I've already stipulated a burning boat in my will.
O.K. but no skals!
beer...lots of beer
Some of prefer NOT to have our corpses charred
Cryogenics for me!
Is this about football?
5. I like drums and trance states.
I'm playing "Gathering of Nations Powwow" in my ipod, right now!
I attend the local drummings every summer.
My cousin went to a pow wow, he brought me back a war bonnet and I wore it for Halloween
I played drum in high school, does that count?
I like my religious experiences like I like my car, quiet and smokeless.
Wait...is this about Armin Van Buurin?
6. If I want to know something from the universe, I throw little rocks with pictures on them.
They say I'm insane but I think Futhark is backwards!
If I want to know something from the universe, I cast the runes.
If I want to know something from the universe I ask my rune reader Bjorn
If I want to know something from the universe, I'll ask my Swedish grandmother.
If I want to know something, I'll read the Idiots guide
I don't want the universe telling me anything
7. How do you feel about having animal ancestors?
I speak to Grandmother Spider sometimes, other times, Brother Crow.
I have 3 animal totems, Is saw them in a dream.
I have a book about animal spirits.
I saw "Dances With Wolves" and thought it was pretty cool
Homer Simpson: "Heeyyy Howrrryaa...Hey Howrrya...Bart, we must respect their ways"
Wait...is this about evolution?
8. How do you feel about human sacrifice?
I have considered ripping out the heart of an enemy and offering it to my gods.
I studied the technique from the ancient carvings, but it seems messy.
I know about the history of basketball and sometimes imagine I'm dunking a head.
My friend went to South America and brought me a good luck charm.
I love Mexican food!
Wait...is this about Jesus?
9. How do you feel about trance states and body paint?
The last time I was in the Dreamtime, the Wandjina spoke to me.
I am of Dharawal stock and love my cultural heritage.
I have attended a corroboree.
I went to Australia and visited Ayers.
I like kangaroos!
You mean like for football games?
10. Goonges. Win? Fail?
Fail. Goonges suck. They took my father and turned him into a stone by the sea.
Fail. Them and the Thugine...
Not everyone hates them. I read some stories where they helped people.
Ghost stories...again?
Sounds spooky...what are they?
11. If I say rainbow serpent...you say...
It's pretty, but the people could have chosen a different prime-being.
Did you know that's why only women are allowed on Ayers?
Did you say Feathered Serpent?
I love old stories.
Some gay snake...whatever...
12. Hanging a red ribbon on a tree is a:
offering to the Kami of the sacred tree to grant my prayers.
a festival ritual in many Asian countries.
some kind of prayer in China, I think.
way lot's of people mourn.
very nice way to spruce up your home.
Christmas decoration?
13. Fireworks....
can be used as a magical spell against Ni'en the demon of the New Year
are used during important festivals to frighten away harmful spirits.
are used by many asian countries during festivals.
have some religious significance.
are great the whole year round.
are great on the 4th of July.
14. Is Monkey a guru?
I've read every translation I can find. Monkey is brilliant! He's even better than Rama OR Piggy.
I like Monkey but see him as comic relief.
I have studied monkey style kung fu...
I used to watch McGilla Gorilla constantly.
I like the monkeys at the zoo.
A spaghetti sauce? No I've never seen Monkey Brand Tomato Sauce.
15. Ifa is....
sea shells used for dida, sacred to Alaundje
a form of divination
used by the Yoruba and Togo peoples for a variety of reasons
a magic tool
A lovely name...
If'a do what?
16. Vodon is practiced...
by me.
by my grandmother in Haiti
by the peoples of Nigeria, Ghana and places close to Cuba
by chicken killers in white.
by devil worshipers
..like practicing the piano?
17. Those wooden masks certainly are long and scary! They are meant to...
assist in communication with the Spirits.
Honor the ancestors
represent animal spirits
show off the work of the local artist
scare foreigners
freak me out!
18. What would you do if you went to a friends house and their home-altar had statues of St.John, Shiva and Amaterasu-no-Kami
Say: I've got 4 saints, two Buddha, 3 Fairies and the Michelin man
Say: I'll light the incense.
Say: Wow...will you tell me why you have those gods on your altar?
Say: I was thinking about making an altar.
Say: Is it religion or a yard sale?
Say: What the hell is that?
19. Crystal and Pentagrams and Craft, oh my!
First of all...they're called pentacles...
Yah! Whats better than a house protected by tons of quartz?
I started practicing after I saw Bell, Book and Candle...when it first came out.
I started practicing after I saw the Craft.
Aren't witches devil worshipers?
Yes...they are devil worshipers.
20. Harvest Festival is called:
Witch's New Year
Samhain (pronounced sam-hane)
Samhain (pronounced sow-uhn)
All Saints Day
What? There aren't any farms around here.

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