How Kind Are You?

Kind people are loved by everone. When you are kind to someone, they will immediately like you and you have a great chance of becoming good friends. Kind people truly care about other peoples feeling, and so they are easier to relate to than most.

Now you have a chance to see how kind you are. Remember to answer as truthfully as possible, because to be kind you need to be honest and open! And remember, always try your hardest to be kind to everone you meet.

Created by: loz
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3. A person walks into a party. They don't seem to know anyone. What do you do?
Walk straight up to the and introduce yourself and ask them if they want to join you.
Catch their eye and gesture or them to come over.
Wait a bit to see if anyone else approaches them, but if no one does introduce yourself.
Just leave it and hope someone else will talk to them.
Think how stupid they are to come to a party and not even know anyone.
4. You meet a person for the first time and they have a bogey hanging out of their nose. What do you do?
Tell them quietly to one side.
Make gestures towards your nose, thinking they might notice it.
Pretend not to have noticed it.
Don't say anything but go off and have a laugh about it with others.
Tell them really loudly so everyone laughs and tease them about it whenever you see them.
5. A woman you don't know comes out of the ladies with her skirt tucked into her pants. What do you do?
Push her back into the loos and tell her about it.
Try and untuc it without her noticing when she walks by you.
Ignore it.
Wait till she goes out and everyone sees it then when they start to laugh point it out to her.
Strat laughing and pointing it out to everyone.
6. You persist in teling a friends that she is doing something wrong and she falls out with you about it. Then a week later she comes back and admits she was wrong. What do you do?
Accept her apology and never mention it aain.
Accept her apology but tease her about it.
Don't accept her apology and never speak to her again.
Don't accept her apology and tell everyone about it so they can tease her.
7. You are at the cinema with a big gang of mates when the girl beside you starts crying at the saddest part of the film. You notice her mascara has run all down her cheeks and she has big black streaks on her face. What do you do?
Tell her quietly and offer her a hankie.
Ignore it.
Behind her back laugh about it and say she was soppy for crying in the first place.
Point it out to everyone there and have a good laugh about it.
8. You fancy the same boy as your best friend. He asks you out, but you know your friend likes him more than you do. What do you do?
Tell the boy that you really like him but your best frinds fancies him and it wouldn't be fair on her.
Pretend you don't like him.
Pretend you didn't hear him ask you out.
Ask your friend privately if she would mind first.
Say yes but don't make big deal out of it.
Say yes and tease her about it and make a big show of holding hads and snogging him whenever she's around.
9. You're looking at your best friends pics on her phone when you find a really embarrassing pic of herself when she had a face mask and cucumber slices over her eyes. What do you do?
Don't mention it.
Say to her you saw it and laugh with her about it.
Tell you and her's friends about it.
Tell everone you know about it and tease her all the time.
Bluetooth it to your phone and send a copy to everyone you know, put it on your computer and email it to everyone you know, put it on your website and print it out and hang it on the school billboards.
10. A girl you know has really REALLY bad acne. Do you...
...tell her it's okay and she's a lovely person anyway.
...not mention it at all.
...tease her about it.
... talk about her behind her back.
11. Your friend falls in mud. Your reaction is...?
To help them clean themselves up and not tell anyone else about it.
To tell everyone you know about it.
To laugh behind her back.
To tease her about it for years.
12. Your friend asks you in Art if they hav paint on their face. They have a huge red splodge on their nose. What do you say?
Tell them about it.
Say a non comittal 'ummmm...' and start talking to someone else.
Pretend you can't her them.
Say no and let them go around with paint on their nose all day.
13. You find out a very embarrassing secret of your friends. She tells you not to tell anyone and you promise not to.Then she is really b----y about you and you fall out with her. Do you...
Keep your promise and not mention it.
Make fun of her about it but don't tell anyone else.
Say 'when friends break friends, friends break promises.' and tell everyone you know about it

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