What kind of Mom are you?

Most of us can get pregnant but it takes a special woman to be a mom. We are faced with the challenges of raising children every day. And not usually rewarded or even recognized for it.

So what KIND of mom are YOU? Are you a So/So mom? Or A Super mom? Or an average mom? Maybe you are just "mom". Whichever kind of mom you are, know that you are appreciated. Take this short little quiz and see what kind of mom are you?

Created by: Rebecca
1. What is your age?
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3. The baby is fussing. You're taking too long in the bathroom, but you aren't done. You:
Hold it in and go tend to the baby.
Finish your business and let the baby cry it out. After all you need to finish.
Ask an older child to tend to the baby.
Bring the baby in the bathroom with you next time. You can't stand to hear them cry.
4. You need a break, You:
Call a babysitter. You need your "you" time.
Wait until your husband gets home.
Call grandma and beg her to take the child(ren)
Suck it up and move on. You'll get a break when you die.
5. Bath Time. You:
Dread it. Cranky toddler hates water.
Love it. Clean Baby Smell.
Don't mind it. It has to be done right?
Can't wait until you can get your own.
6. Time for dinner. You are making one thing and your picky toddler won't eat what you have made. You:
Make him/her what they want. After all they have to eat.
Tell them they can't leave the table unless the try a bite.
Tell them they can't leave the table until they finish their food.
Make them go to bed hungry.
7. Grocery Store Time. You can't get Grandma to keep the kids. You:
Don't go. Taking kids in a grocery store is like outing suicide.
Get a friend to help you.Two adults is better than one.
Go anyway and drag them through the store with you.
Go when your husband gets home. There is no way you are setting foot in that store with a child.
8. Your son/daughter asks you for some juice. But you are busy. You:
Tell them to wait. Which isn't in their vocabulary. Immediate hysterics.
Stop what you are doing. Your kids are more important.
Get them something before you sit down.
Ignore them completely. You're an adult and what they are doing or want can wait.
9. Bed time usually consists of what activities?
Bath, jammies, book, bed
Bath, TV, Fall asleep to tv running
No bath, TV, Bed
Bath, Jammies, Book in your bed, asleep
10. Daddy Time. You:
Bolt out the door. It's time for you time.
Stay and watch. It's so nice watching daddy bond.
Feel a little jealous. After all you primarily take care of their every need.
Wish it would happen more often.
11. Your child(ren)'s schedule is:
Very strict. Can't live without it.
Sort of lax. We use it when neccesary.
There. You have it but don't really enforce it.
What Schedule?
12. Do you feel you are a better mom than your mom?
Deffinitely completely different.

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