What kind of Mom are you?

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magicmovement said:
Aug 7 '12, 12:53PM

i babysit all the time for my family and freinds. i love kids they are actually pretty funny and cute

Wazz_Up_Punk said:
Mar 1 '12, 12:14PM

Same kooky im in the 6th grade

alinarox9 said:
May 9 '11, 12:37AM


kayla conwell said:
Feb 17 '11, 9:00AM

i am 15 teen and in high school i got 100

JulzBaby said:
Jan 3 '11, 6:55PM

wow! great quiz! love it! 100% mom and that is 100% true! i adore children and i want to have kids rele bad! and i think RockerLover is rite. Wudda great quiz! i cant wait to have ,y own children with my amaaaaazing boyfriend. he loves kids too :) we have a few names and we are redi to get started :)

Kaylyn said:
Jul 20 '10, 5:50PM

Paige301, I'm in Middle School Too and I also Love Kids!!!

paige301 said:
Jun 8 '09, 8:16PM

im in Middle school and i got 100% i love kids!!!!!!!

hey take my friend's quiz Are you my true love?

RockerLover said:
Feb 23 '09, 3:11PM

This is a good quiz. Why? Becuase the person who created the quiz knows that children are like different colors. One may need to have more attention than the other or maybe one child may be more mature than the other. Nice quiz.

soccerddb7 said:
Feb 19 '08, 10:42AM

Same here, kook.

kooky said:
Feb 19 '08, 9:32AM

I am 100% mom and I'm not even in HighSchool

gatsby said:
Nov 5 '07, 12:05AM

No matter what your answers are, the final assessment is the same. I tried the test with 5 different sets of answers and came out the same every time.

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