What kind of Mom are you?

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magicmovement said:
Aug 7 '12, 12:53PM

i babysit all the time for my family and freinds. i love kids they are actually pretty funny and cute

Wazz_Up_Punk said:
Mar 1 '12, 12:14PM

Same kooky im in the 6th grade

alinarox9 said:
May 9 '11, 12:37AM


kayla conwell said:
Feb 17 '11, 9:00AM

i am 15 teen and in high school i got 100

JulzBaby said:
Jan 3 '11, 6:55PM

wow! great quiz! love it! 100% mom and that is 100% true! i adore children and i want to have kids rele bad! and i think RockerLover is rite. Wudda great quiz! i cant wait to have ,y own children with my amaaaaazing boyfriend. he loves kids too :) we have a few names and we are redi to get started :)

Kaylyn said:
Jul 20 '10, 5:50PM

Paige301, I'm in Middle School Too and I also Love Kids!!!

paige301 said:
Jun 8 '09, 8:16PM

im in Middle school and i got 100% i love kids!!!!!!!

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