The Kindness of your Heart

There are many of those who are kind,but few are like angels. There are goods and bads to each persons kindness. Being kind is of course a rather good thing. What do you have to do to be kind. You have to compromise and be welcme to other ideas. Being kind is doing what is right.

Now everyone wants to think they are kind. Do YOU have what it takes to hold the title of Lil' angel the kindest of them all? For all your life you never truly know how kind you are. Honestly answer a few questions from this quiz and your kindness will be rated.

Created by: Maggie
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3. There is only ONE more cookie left for you and your pesky sibling. You...
Grab it before your sibling can take it! Phew! It is all yours!
Let your sibling have it! You didn't want it THAT much!
Split in half exactly! One side for each of you!
You split it so you have more. That way your sibling won't notice.
YOu split the cookie so your sibling gets slightly more!
4. A really geeky kid trips in the hallway! How do you react?
Walk by without noticing!
Help the person up!
Go for help!
Ask if the person is allright!
5. Your friend fails her test! You...
Promise to tutor her!
Explain it during lunch!
Brag that you got an A!
Comfort her!
6. No one wants to be partners with a big geek. She asks yout o be her partner! You..
accept without hestation!
kindly state you already have a partner.
say no! ew!
hesitate but give in when she begs!
ask your partner if she could join their group!
7. Which of the following do you care most about..
my friends
my family
anyone and everyone
only cool people
8. How would you describe the people you hang out with?
Trendy Cool Cheerleaders
Lovable Kind Averabe people
9. You are at a bullying scene. What role are you?
one being picked on
the one who helps
the one who gets an adult
10. What matters most?
your happiness
Others' happiness
11. Someone whom you hate is in major trouble! They were acccused of cheating since he and some other smart person had the same answers. You saw the smart person cheat. You...
spread the news
don't care you hate him after all
12. There is a new kid in school. They cannto find their way to class. If you help you will be late. What do you do?
Help anyway!
Let them be late!
You are in the same class! Bring him with you!
13. There is a new kid who has no friends! You...
talk to her!
become best friends!
get to know her adn decide whether you want to be her friend!
spread a rumor about her!
make her feel unwelcome!
uh! Nothing! Duh!
14. You have an idea you really like for the school dance You tell everyone but they hate it. You...
do it anyway
let them choose and put in no further input!
kisten to other ideas and choose one!

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