What kind of extremist are you?

According to corporate media commentators, you may already be an extremist! Using Joe Klein's Attributes of Extremism, you can find out what kind you are!

Will you wind up in a secret prison? Will you get a multi-million dollar book deal? Will you just end up as an anxious confused columnist? It all depends on what kind of extremist you are. Find out today!

Created by: Joe Klein
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you believe the United States is a fundamentally negative force in the world?
America is negative like the Empire in Star Wars!
Hollywood values have corrupted America and made it a negative force.
It is not, but some on The Left think it is
That is a ridiculous question
4. Do you believe Capitalism is the best idea in human history?
Yep. It sure is.
Only if by "best idea" you mean SATANIC EVIL IDEA
If carefully regulated and progressively taxed, then yes.
What about democracy, writing and fire?
5. Do you believe that America is a democracy?
The voting lever does nothing but grease the corporate machine
America is democracy... for now.
Eh. It's democratic enough.
America is actually a Constitutional Republic.
6. Do you believe that corporations are fundamentally evil?
Greed is good. Corporations are greedy. Therefore corporations are good.
"Corporate evil" is repetitious
Corporations could be better, but they do contribute generously into my 401k
That is a ridiculous question
7. Do you use harsh, vulgar, intolerant language to attack people with differing political views?
People who use that kind of language should be tortured before they're shot
If the damn question has the fat f---ing fingers of the State insterted into their pathetic arse of a brain, then yes, I might use a vulgarity.
Please don't use words like "vulgar" around me.
Why the hell do you care?
8. Do you believe a corporate conspiracy controls the world?
Technically it's an alien conspiracy. The corporations are merely appendages.
Technically, it's a Jewish conspiracy. The Hollywood liberals are mererly appendages.
Multinational corporations never ever collude with each other
The operations of multinational capital in a global economy are hardly secret.
9. What was the basis of the decision to invade Iraq
The will of God.
It's like the Death Star, man! Just blowing s--- up to watch it burn!
It was a stupid decision, and... stupid stupid... let's just... can we talk about something else?
While the invasion was an act of colossal idiocy, the plans had been made years in advance.
10. Do you mock those who are opposed to abortion and gay marriage?
I mock their intollerance with a brick to their head!
Those who mock God will taste His fury delivered through the barrel of my shotgun
I would never mock anyone for their intollerant beliefs.
I do mock those who are opposed to human freedom.
11. Do you believe that American imperialism is the primary cause of Islamic radicalism?
Yes! We are a decadent capitalist empire!
Yes! We are a decadent liberal empire!
Oh dear me, no.
America has played a historic role in fostering certain harsh strains of Islamic radicalism. To some degree, blowback was inevitable.
12. Are you intolerant of good ideas when they come from conservative sources?
Wait. What other sources are there?
Finding conservative sources is very useful. It helps aim the rocket launcher.
I try to ignore the source of all information.
I would be very cautious. Conservative sources have powerful corporate and media connections.

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