What kind of extremist are you?

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frankie said:
Dec 5 '15, 9:46AM

Interesting that the creator of this quiz considers abortion a human freedom, and those who oppose it intolerant. Ironically most people having a gay marriage would be more than happy to raise the children who are aborted every year.

Communist said:
Jan 24 '14, 8:36PM


CommunistJoe said:
Nov 8 '11, 12:10PM

Rational Person followed closely by Left-Wing extremist.

Someone12345 said:
Jun 2 '11, 7:12AM

Of course I exist, wtf? Vive la revolucion!

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 23 '11, 2:08PM

rational person

tecknojock said:
Oct 19 '10, 6:56PM

You forgot to include my strain of extremism, Anarcho-Capitalism. The problem is, every time you referred to business you dubbed them corporations which are inherent extensions of the state and would not exist in a freemarket society.

dgtert said:
Apr 4 '10, 7:17PM

i got rational person. =]

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