What kind of bookcrosser are you

There are many book readers, but less bookcrossers. everyone who gives books away to a fellow reader, is a bookcrosser. But some of us do it the internetway, on www.bookcrossing.com.

what's your bookcrossing kind? Is your room full with boxes of books to cross? Do you release like a monster, or ring like a nutt? What kind of bookcrosser are you?

Created by: iiwi
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ring ring!
a bicycle bell.
Hey, a dodgy retro ringtone
Yes! Maybe we can meet to handover the book.
I've heard of this book! They say it's very good!
Yes, but as the last one please!
And the same to you too!
Bless you!
And it wasn't even on my wishlist! How did you know?
It's better to give then to throw away.
Thank you! I know a perfect themerelease when I've read it!
It is my second anniversary of Bookcrossing, so I give away a book of my available list
5. How high is your mtTBR?
1. It's under the table-leg that's too short...
1-10. I got them on birthdays you know.
10-20. You should be without a book to read
20-100. Yes, well, I like choice.
100+ I go overboard every time I go to a bookstore.
6. You are in line and take a number. What do you do?
Wait patiently.
Get my book and read.
Think about a release.
Release two books on the copier and the leafletrack. A good opportunity
Talk to my neighbour to kill time.
O hell. Do other errands, and come back in half an hour.
7. The postoffice. What's your deal?
A letter to grandma.
Could be anything.
Post some ringbooks to the next reader.
Release a book on the letterbox.
Post a book to someone.
I look if there's a mobile phone selling point to release this book of Stephen King...
8. bookcrossing.com
I've joined, but haven't done anything yet.
Sometimes I got here to register or release a book.
I love it! espacialy now you can manage your crossing zones!
I look every fifteen minutes on the forum!
Yay! With Cliff's wishlist and everything, it's just a scream of joy!
9. Crossing zones...
Yes, they are good for safety!
Yes, I manage one.
Yes, most books I release in the wild, I release in cossing zones. There more chance of a good reader.
Yes, they are nice places for meetings.
Yes, always nice to find a book in a coffeeshop!
Yes, any place I can read is my place.
10. You read 'Cell' by Stephen King, and quite liked it. What do you do with it?
Put it on my shelf. I might read it again someday.
realease it!
Look at Cliff's wishlist if someone might wna to read it.
Ask on a forum if people want to read it.
Release it on the mobile phone selling point in the post office. I know it has one!
Release it on a meeting. Other bookcrossers might like it!
11. Your bookshelf
well, there's my collection of DVD and Swarovsky christal elephants in it...
Lots and lots of books.
It tells everything about me.
Much available books. If you ant one, just PM me.
It tells all my bookcrossing escapades. I update it often.
It's not enough. I keep track of all my catches and releases in a personal database.
12. releasing techniques.
Don't have any.
Just a bookplate inside.
I write the BCID on the inside with pencil, so i can erase it when I get it back at the end of the ring.
A bookplate, a sticker on the cover, a small sticker on the side.
A bookplate, a sticker on the cover, a small sticker on the side, a stamp on the last page and a yellow note on it!
A funny spot does everything for me!

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