What kind of bookcrosser are you

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ardik said:
Apr 28 '08, 5:55PM

Hm. The creator and maintainer of the "Bookcrossing Helpers - BCH" plugin is a "strange looking bystander". Well... How the hell did you find out that I _am_ looking strange?

whiskeyjane said:
Apr 22 '08, 12:31AM

What is the mobile phone release thing that you referred to?

321 said:
Mar 7 '08, 5:45AM

Typographical errors - Correct is "Playful RABCKer" (Wrong is Playfull RBACKer)

Flicki said:
Mar 6 '08, 1:13AM

This was cool, but you should have included some of the B-sides to bookcrossing.com, such as bookobsessed.com! :o) I'm more of a relayer/swapper still than a 'ringer' and your test doesn't check that! (I feel so misunderstood now! ;-)).

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