What kind of locust are you?

Ever wonder what kind of locust you are? Well now you can find out! Just take this quiz and be honest, and the final results will match you to the locust your most like!

What kind of locust will you be? The only way to find out what kind you are, is to take this quiz. So seriously, what kind of locust are you? Now take the quiz. Seriously. Do it now.

Created by: Psykosmile
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Situation: You are on a roll and killed an entire team by yourself last round. Its you and your teammate you dont know vs the last one on their team. You down him and say "my kill" but your teammate take the kill anyway. What do you do?
Yell at him for stealing your kill.
Tell him next time to try not to steal your kill.
Dont say anything.
Scream cuss words at him like crazy cuz he stole your freakin kill!
Boot him if it isnt ranked.
4. Its you vs the last guy on their team. You can only grab one weapon. What weapon do you grab if you know he has one boom shot bullet left.
Frag grenade.
Boom shot.
5. You start off a match. Who do you go with?
Run out there by yourself.
Stick with the crowd.
Find one person to follow, perferably the host or best player.
6. What is your favorite type of locust?
7. Do you use smoke or frag grenades more?
8. Do you join more games or host them?
9. How do you execute your downed people?
Blow off his head with a sniper shot.
Shoot him with your shotgun.
Shoot him with your pistol.
Chainsaw him.
10. Would you rather:
Yell at one guy and fight with him.
Make a friend.
11. On Gridlock, where do you go mostly?
The sniper with a few others.
Boom shot.
12. With the sniper, how would you kill people?
Aim for their heads.
Aim for their bodies and try to down them with an active reload.
Beat them down when the other team gets near you.

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