What is your teaching style?

As teachers, we all develop our own unique styles in the classroom. People of all different personality types can be great teachers, as long as they are willing to put forth some effort and dedication.

So what kind of teacher are you? Are you entertaining and enthusiastic? Relaxed and empathetic? A self-controlled perfectionist? Or an innovative go-getter? This quiz, based on the AEL Teaching Style Inventory, will tell you which of the Four Teaching Style Quadrants you belong to!

Created by: Michelle of Positive Action, Purpose Driven
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3. When explaining an idea or concept, I am
More animated, using gestures, facial expressions, and voice for emphasis
More controlled, subdued, low-key, and soft-spoken
4. In my classroom, I
Take charge quickly, state clear expectations or directions
Go with the flow- size up the situation, wait for the ideas to come
5. It is important for tearchers to
State their wants and needs firmly
Not to impose their ideas on others
6. I like to
Challenge the status quo and thinking of others
Work with things the way they are
7. I tend to
Confront negative behaviors quickly
Not make a big deal out of minor infractions
8. I am known as
A good talker
A good listener
9. In times of doubt or lack of specific information, I am
More likely to act first and request permission later
More likely to check against school protocol before acting
10. I am admired by staff and students for
My intensity, passion, and conviction
My relaxed, calm, collected approach
11. In times of conflict with students or differing viewpoints with staff, I am
More likely to press on and advocate my point of view
More likely to back off and try again another way
12. When I learn about a new teaching technique, I prefer to
Try it first and talk about it with others
Read more about it first and reflect on its usefulness or complexity
13. If students are having trouble, I usually
Tell them what to do right away
See if they can figure it out for themselves
14. I teach more by
Lecture and whole-group activity
Seatwork and small group work
15. I take pride in
Dress, speech, or action that is individual, different, or stylish
Being more conservative, traditional, and "mainstream"
16. My daily instruction is
Spontaneous, uninhibited, free-flowing
Methodical, follows predictable sequence, procedures
17. I believe that children need to
Challenge ideas and take risks
Respect rules and systems
18. As a teacher, I must be
Easily approachable and available to students
Well organized and prepared for the next class
19. My students need an adult role-model who
Freely expresses affection, appreciation, and emotion
Demonstrates self-control and competence
20. At the beginning of each day, I like to spend time
Chatting with students or visiting other staff in their rooms
Organizing my class's assignments for the day
21. I take pride in
Holding a class spellbound with stories and lessons
Organizing my class into smaller learning groups all doing different things
22. I am better at
Presenting at faculty meetings
Working in department or grade level meetings
23. My best work has resulted from
Projects where I worked with others
Things I did myself
24. Homework should be
Done with enthusiasm and show individual effort
Completed correctly and handed in on time
25. I feel most rewarded when
Students get excited about learning
Students follow directions and complete work accurately
26. It is better when
Students feel good about themselves and their school
Students do well on tests and master basic skills

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