Learning Style Assessment

Different people learn in different ways. If you can find out how you learn best, you can make learning easier and figure out how to structure learning situations so that you learn more quickly.

Learning styles can be classified in a number of ways. This quiz breaks them down into the 3 most common and simplistic. Take this quiz to find out which style is yours. Note: most people have a primary and secondary learning style.

Created by: Brenda Nicholson of ADD Moms
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3. Imagine that you have to remember a phone number and that you have no paper. Which method would help you remember it?
Picturing the numbers in your head.
Having the person repeat it more than once.
Using your finger to "write" it on your palm.
4. Think of your favorite scene from your favorite movie. You want to tell your friend about it. How would you do it?
Describe how things look - the actor's clothing, the scenery, etc.
Recite lines from the scene.
Act out the scene.
5. You are a famous artist. Are you:
A painter?
A singer?
A dancer? (Substitute athlete if you wish.)
6. You want to find out the news. Do you prefer:
Reading the paper?
Listening to the radio?
Watching it on TV?
7. You have to memorize a speech for tomorrow's class. Do you:
Read it over and over again to yourself?
Read it out loud over and over again?
Pace around the room as you read it out loud, or actually pretend you are giving the speech?
8. You have to learn a new dance or exercise. How do you learn it most easily?
Looking at diagrams and pictures in a book.
Listening to someone tell you what to do next.
Watching a person or a video and doing it with them.
9. Remember the first time you rode a bike? When you remember it, what do you recall?
You see yourself on the bike. You can remember what color it was, the shape of the seat and handlebars, maybe what kind of day it was.
The sound of the wind whipping past, the tires on the sidewalk, maybe the bike's horn.
The feeling of riding - balancing on it, pumping your legs, your hands on the grips.
10. Think of your favorite food. Aside from the taste, what sense is triggered most strongly when you think of it?
The way it looks - the color, the texture.
The sound it makes when you eat it - a crisp apple, the sizzle of a steak.
How it feels in your mouth, or feels when you eat it. Try to seperate it from the taste.
11. What's your favorite game?
Mad Libs
12. Assume you have to take a class, and you can choose the teacher. Which class would you take?
The teacher who uses overheads, pictures, and charts with lots of color.
The teacher who primarily lectures.
The teacher who uses movies, gets you up out of your seat, and encourages group participation.

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