Do you have Swagger ?

This is a quiz to test your SQ (Swagger Quotient). No two people are exactly alike so nothing is ever normal. This is a personal style test, there are no wrong answers when it comes to matters of self. This Quiz will tell if you are Lame or on top of your Game (from a style perspective).

Do YOU have original style? Are you the next Top Model? Are you a Diamond in the Rough? Perhaps the next Player of the Year? With this short quiz you can guage your Swagger and find your your S.Q. (Swagger Quotient). Take the Quiz and Find out how true you are to your Swagger!

Created by: Motown Brown
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1. What is style?
I don't know
Style is style
The way I do things
You tell me
2. How do you pick out your clothes?
by how much they cost
by what matches my style
by what's hot
by what fits
3. Do you smoke or drink?
Only if I want to
4. Do you match the color of your clothes ?
I don't care about matching
Sometimes I match, somtimes I coordinate
5. How would your Friends & Associates describe you?
Depends on who you ask
6. Would you consider yourself noticeable?
I guess so
If I want to be
Not really
7. Does it bother you to ride in a raggedy car?
A lil' bit
I never ride in hoopties
8. Which one is most important to be?
Smelling good
Dressed nice
all of the above
9. Do you shave?
I don't care about shaving
Yes, often
Yes, only when I need to
No, not at all
10. What is the meaning of Swagger?
I don't know
I don't care
Personal style
How you do things
11. Is this a stupid Quiz?
Only if you don't have swagger
12. have you ever caught your friends/family doing or saying things you do or say?
H*ll yeah
13. What is a Swagger Jacker?
A type of clothing
A store
A copycat
A drink

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