The Ultimate Beyonce Quiz

It's all about Beyonce! Her style, her flow and her swagger. Take the quiz and see if you're the ultimte fan! Genius is knowing that you know everything there i to know about Beyonce and everything there is to know about her life and her journey in the music world.

Sometimes we fail and sometimes we win. if you fail please feel free to retake the test. There are no losers and winners. Instead there are fan's and non-fan's. Help us to weed out those that are pretending and those that are really here for bee

Created by: Ericka
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1. What is the name of Beyonce's parents?
Mark and Elaine Knowles
Ike and Tina Turner
Matthew and Tina Knowles
Michael and Angie Knowles
Kirk and Tanya Douglas
Stephen and Alicia Smith
2. What are the names of her maternal grandparents?
Lumis Beyince' and Agnez Dereon
Matthew and Tina Knowles
Lumis Knowlesand Tina Dereon
Sean Carter and Beyonce Dereon
Beyince Lumis and Agnez Knowles
Agnez Lumis and Beyince Dereon
3. Who first took an interest in Beyonce and began entering her in competitions?
Her dance instructor
Her father
Her mother
Her guidance counselor
Her best friend
4. Who was Beyonce's best childhood friends?
LaTavia, LeToya and Kelly
Michelle and Kelly
Vanessa, Aaliyah and her mother
Tiffany, Melissa and Kelly
5. What was the name of Destiny's Child first group?
Girl's Tyme
Little Beautys
6. What show did Girls Tyme enter?
Americas Next Top Model
Are you ready?
So you think you can dance?
Star Search
Live at The Apollo
7. What school did Beyonce attend?
She was home schooled.
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
She dropped out
New York University
Houston Tech.
8. What year was Destiny's Child signed to Columbia Records?
9. Which song was their first number on single?
No, No, No!
Get me Bodied
10. What was the name of their first album?
Destiny's Child
The Writings on the wall
Destiny Fulfilled
11. What year was The Writings on The Wall released?
12. Beyonce' has won how many Grammy awards?
13. What is the name of the clothing line that is spear headed by Beyonce and her mother?
House of Debraltar
House of Dereon
House of Beyonce
House of Hilfiger
14. What was the name of the character Beyonce played in The Pink Panther?
15. Which singer was portrayed by Beyonce in the musical DreamGirls?
Deena Jones - Dianna Ross
Deena Ross - Dianna Jones
Effie White - Deena Jones
Curtis Mayfield - Beyonce
16. Who was featured on the song/video for "Upgrade U"....
Solange Knowles
Beyonce's nephew Daniel Juelz Smith Jr.
Sean Carter AKA Jay-Z
17. What is the name of the concert that Beyonce is currently on?
The Beyonce World Tour 2007
Scream 2007
The Beyonce Experience
The Ultimate Beyonce Experience
18. Who open's the show for Beyonce?
Robin Thicke
Kelly Rowland
Michelle Williams
19. What was the single single from her album B-Day?
Ring The Alarm
Upgrade U
Get me bodied
Kitty Kat
20. When was Beyonce' born?
September 4 1988
September 6 1971
September 4 1981
August 12 1981

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