What is your castle job?

Is the castle life made for you?do you belong in the whole princess,carriage,royal world?If so who are you in the castle ?take this quiz to find out!!!!!

Are you ready???????Do yuo think you belong in the castle?Really?are you sure?positive?no turning back now..haha just kidding!It doesn't matter if you fit in...everybody has a castle job in my opinon!

Created by: ally
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You and your friend are assigned to do a video project for school...whats your part?
The director...Lights! Camera!Action!
The main star!...Make up and hair pronto!
The cue card holder (i was forced)
The silent star(no one else wanted to stand behind the lead and not talk)
4. You are allowed to take one friend shopping on Saturday..Who do you take?
My best friend since pre-k
the new girl..she could use a friend
i don't i am already helping my friend babysit
my newest bff
5. Your two best friends just got in a HUGE fight..what do you do?
be pulled from one side to the other each day
try to get them to work things out..if you can't..to bad
force them to hang out it will get better sooner or later
find ways to get them to talk and remind them of the fun times they had together
6. Big problem!You have your bff's 13th birthday party is friday night ...but your parents have been planning a family reunion for months and it is also friday night.where do you go?
Reunion 5-7pm Party 7-11pm
beg your parents to let you go ..tears always work:)
Miss the party?are you kidding i would be so dead!
there will be atleast 100 kids there..she won't notice if i leave early
7. what do you get your best friends for christmas?
whatever they want
photo albums of us
jewelry and clothes and a sharpay barbie(i have strange friends and i like to give them things that they will like)
the best thing i can afford ..they expect great gifts
8. You cut off ALL your hair!well not all of it but now its a bob ..what do your friends think?
they start a lemonade stand so i can get extensions
they tell me nothing looks bad on me
they say they love it!...i hope thats what they were really thinking
they tell me the truth ,they know i like honesty
9. Your three favorite words are .....
friendship fun & fashion
people, places and parties
popular,friends and cool
laughing, family & loving
10. Everyone has the newest coolest phone ..and you just got it!yeah!..but you have absolutely NO clue how to work it.What do you do?
read the manual 50 times
pretend you know exactly what your doing
get your old phone back
google how to work it
11. You get a text message from an unknown number.you ask who it is.its that girl from your english class..the one you exchanged numbers with last WEEK !and she is the most sensitive girl in school!how do you make her know it was a mistake?
explain that you forgot to put her number in your phone she will understand ..right?
(lie)tell her that you got grounded and just was about to put her number in
tell her you lost the peice of paper(thats the truth)
(lie) say that your friend took your phone and typed it
12. If you got to live in a castle ..who would you like to be?
Royal family member
carriage driver
just a person

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