Are you from New Castle?

This quiz is to determine how much of you is from New Castle, PA. It has a few slang questions, as well as areal (sp?) questions. It might serve you well to look up New Castle on the internet (make sure you put PA or you'll get England!).

I was motivated to do this quiz because there are no quizes out about my hometown, and frankly, its a fun little place to live. Where else can you play "war" as a bunch of teenagers, with airsoft guns (bb guns that use plastic bb's instead of metal ones) in a burrough? no where. Where else can you fight about who has the best pizza, eat at your least favorite place and still not be turned? no where.

Created by: Mandy
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What does "Ret-up" mean?
who knows, who cares?
clean up, pick up, tidy up
is that some sort of joke on mentally challenged ppl?
i dont know, why dont you go ask YOUR MOM
4. Which is correct?
you all
both a & b
5. What does chuchy mean?
did you forget an "r"? shouldnt it have been Churchy?
the only way to explain it is like the ppl who live in the burrough and leave their santa decorations up all year.
Is that Italian for dumb?
6. Jyeet, Jyew and Jyinz are what?
Bugs that only come out at night.
Did you eat, did you/yinz (insert verb here).
really bad english...
forms of food
7. What is a pierogi?
a delicious polish food, something like a ravioli, filled with potato and often with cheese
baby food
a european car
a phrase meaning "stop" when used in conjunction with another verb (like looking)
8. If you go to Laurel, more than likely you are what?
a bum
rich, really really rich,
fat, its a camp for obese kids
a farmer
9. Those who live in New Wilmington are related to, know, live next to, or do business with...?
the amish
African Americans, new wilmington is the neca version of harlem
hispanics, theyve overtaken everything in that town
new wilmington, wheres'at?
10. Who are Joseph and Ralph?
the singers at a popular nightclub
the former owners of locally run grocery stores
the priests at St Mary's
everyone's neighbor...these names are so common in New Castle, everyone knows a Joe or Ralph
11. On the EEside of New Castle you will find what?
Taggert and Flaherty fields
really good restaurants like Paigley's and Ladies of the Dukes
Kmart, Handles, the Fairgrounds, and May's
all of the above
none of the above
12. What is May's
only the home of the best donuts EVER!
a strip club
a beauty parlor
my grandma's name
13. Who has better food
ew, i dont like either
i only eat their hummus
14. What type of food does mary's serve?
middle eastern
both a and c
none of the above
15. At this restaurant, you will find gyros, subs, the best hotdog chili in america, cheesesteaks, fried mushrooms, and salads of all kinds, along with other foods...
coney island
the hot dog shoppe
16. what nationality are the owner's of bill's
17. Mahoningtown, Volant, Harlansburg, and Pulaski are all what?
names of surrounding villages
Street names
who knows?
18. Who has better pizza?
Papa Johns
Pizza Joes
Pizza Hut
its a tye between Pizza Joes and Marcheloni's
I cant believe i even put papa johns on here, YUCK!
19. If you go to Neshannock, than your daddy must be...
a dr or lawyer
a drug dealer
20. It's 40ð outside and you're wearing
a coat, snowpants, boots...
a hoodie, jeans or capris, and flip flops
a hoodie, jeans, and flip flops w/socks
b & c

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