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  • Your Result: Baby Pink

    You're a softie at heart. You care about you're friends, family, and others around you. Friends- You care about them more than anything. You would do almost anything for your friends. Why Should I pick Baby Pink?- Baby Pink shows your caring. It says that your a true, loving, girly-girl.

    Mistytail Apr 2 '16, 6:53PM
  • F6

    amazinnn Mar 17 '16, 12:20PM
  • F6

    amazinnn Mar 17 '16, 12:19PM
  • Whoa. The result--Sky Blue-- was a complete description of me! I am kind of clumsy, haha.

    Sky Angel Nov 11 '15, 9:48PM
  • fun fact!! purple is one of many Raul colors

    cat caddle Sep 12 '15, 8:25PM
  • OK omg I was purple and OK u can stop with the whole luck thing Cuz nobody cares trust me it dont work so that's all

    pamela 1330 Aug 7 '15, 12:53AM
  • Silver... cool

    love54 Apr 21 '15, 8:34AM

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