What color should you paint your nails?

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StarCruiser said:
Nov 24 '13, 6:01PM

I got neon green. It's my favorite. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

yokyky said:
Nov 9 '13, 10:55PM

wow im supper sirprised this quiz had all my fave things purple

wolvesrule65318 said:
Jul 21 '13, 7:49PM

92% yellow
Interests- You are a generally cheerful girl. You are fiar in everything you do, but the thing you exel in is being there for your friends. Friends- You are a very considerate person. You always know what to say to your friends in every kind os situation. Why Should I pick Yellow?- Yellow shows your a very cheerful person. Cheerful screams fun to be around.

Cherry888 said:
May 2 '13, 11:38AM

Ok I Love pirple soooooooo much that is wot I call a SEXY colour I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee purple soooooo much

EpicStegosaurus said:
Apr 5 '13, 8:26AM

My favorite color is Purple!

That1Dfulband said:
Mar 8 '13, 5:40PM

Your Result: Baby Pink


resultIn trests- You're a softie at heart. You care about you're friends, family, and others around you. Friends- You care about them more than anything. You would do almost anything for your friends. Why Should I pick Baby Pink?- Baby Pink shows your caring. It says that your a true, loving, girlie-girl.

WOW !! so much like me! My favorite color is pink 2!

Inloveandstuff said:
Feb 18 '13, 9:18PM

Interests- Your a smart girl, and do well in school. Your an amazing artist. Friends- Your a very comidiac person. You are both clumsy and funny, bringing many laughs to your circle of friends. Why Should I pick Sky Blue?- Sky Blue shows your creative side. Blue, being a dark color in general, is lightend or darkended in many ways. Sky Blue is one of the brighter and bolder forms of Blue.

Wow. . . That is so much more like me than I can put to words. . . It's. . . Are you. . . Magic, or something?! That's amazing. . . I can't describe how well that describes me. . .

karadevinney said:
Jan 27 '13, 11:43AM

silver..b----'s!!! the so is me ...sporty..and lovin

millse17 said:
Jan 17 '13, 11:56AM

purple toatlly discribes me!! creative and passionate

SugerCube said:
Jan 13 '13, 10:23AM

Purple? Im more of a BLUE kinda girl. :(

luver6 said:
Dec 31 '12, 3:06PM

But...... Pink doesn't match my skin tone

Gryffina said:
Dec 12 '12, 3:57AM

I got silver but the description wasn't 1005 accurate. i would have prefered purple or sky blue. Thanks anyways! Great quiz!

Directioner101 said:
Nov 25 '12, 3:23AM

lol, i got baby pink too! But I prefer yellow!

The Coldest Sun said:
Nov 17 '12, 11:12PM

Baby... pink...? Hell no. It is true I would do anything for the ones I love, but that doesn't mean I have to tolerate that horrid color. It's so... bleh.

Sunshine101 said:
Nov 11 '12, 7:03PM

Purple!!! Yay! My Fav Color!!!

cox44 said:
Nov 7 '12, 10:01PM

I got yellow, but it is no where near to my personality... ._.

Cat Valentine said:
Oct 7 '12, 1:10PM

I got sky blue!! Yayy(-:

cupcake908 said:
Sep 1 '12, 11:42PM

i got purple but my favorite color is neon gree and i dont have purple nail polish

Reesepuffs said:
Aug 15 '12, 10:42AM

i got baby pink...i like silver more though. baby pink looks horrible on my nails. xD

Athena2217 said:
Aug 14 '12, 10:40PM

I don't like purple that much but it describes me perfectly!

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